BW9: February Reading Wrap Up


It's book week 9 in our 52 Books quest and the end of February.   I read 9 books, all from my own shelves and I reviewed them all except for Garden of Lies which was a reread and The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry which I forgot about as soon as I finished. It was meh and I'm sorry to say I didn't like Fikry. More telling, than showing. I really didn't like the characters all that much and there were too many implausibility's with things being let go. It could have been a tear jerker but unfortunately missed the mark with me.

Super Powered Year Two - Drew Hayes (Science Fiction, 720)

A lesson in Secrets (#6 Maisie Dobbs) - Jacqueline Winspear (Police Procedural 1932, 321)

Abandoned in Death (#54 In Death) - J.D. Robb (Futuristic Police Procedural, 356)

Ancestral Night (#1 White Space) - Elizabeth Bear (Science Fiction, 499)

Super Powered Year Three - Drew Hayes (Science fiction, 900 e)

Garden of Lies - Amanda Quick (Historical romance, reread)

Storied Life of A. J. Fikry - Gabrielle Zevin (Literary Fiction, 289)  

The Fifth Season (#1 Broken Earth) - N.K Jemisin (Sci Fi Fantasy, 468)

Winspear, Bear, and Jemisin are three dusty books for which the third time was the charm and I thoroughly enjoyed them.  Loved the newest In Death book which I preordered in 2021 so didn't ruin my buying ban.  The Super Powered series is excellent and will be reading the fourth book soon.  I probably should do a review of the whole series at some point.  No ebooks except for Super Powered Year Three because the print was so tiny.  They tried to cram a 900 page book into 600. My old eyes couldn't handle it. Thanks goodness for e readers. 

Stats wise, four are science fiction, two are police procedurals with one historical fiction reread and one literary fiction thrown in. Hmm! I'm beginning to see a pattern of Science Fiction and police procedurals. 

Alphabet wise, have read through G for titles and currently on C with Carlos Ruiz Zafon for alphabet by Author, with his 4th book in his Cemetery of Lost Books series, Labyrinth of the Spirits

I fell off the wagon, I'll admit it, but I went right back on it afterwards. James and I always go to Barnes and Noble on Super Bowl Sunday and thanks to Merphy Napier singing the praises of Andrea Stewart's Bone Shard Daughter so much, I had to buy it. Shhhh! Don't tell anyone.  LOL!

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