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Flash Friday - Thoughts about X

Trickery with X 


National Poetry Month

X-rays and xacto knives No, let's not go there.
X-factor, No, I don't watch that either.
Xenophobia Nope, none of that. 
Xenogenesis Nah, my son looks like both of us. Although my three sisters and I all have different hair color. No one believed we had the same mother and father.
Xenomorphic,  Lots of odd rocks in our collection.
Xanth, I did love Piers Anthony's imagery world  When I was a teen.
Xavier Cugat, He was married to the cuchi cuchi babe. Charo for those too young to remember.
X  Beware the big bold x of the railroad crossing. Don't try to beat the train.
Xeroxes to Xylographs modern to the past. 
Time for me to make my exit, since I find that I'm quite perplexed. 

Sunday Salon: Dinty Moore's Field Guide to Writing Flash Non Fiction

I've been derailed by nonfiction. Would never have believed it.  Me, who only reads fiction and likes to escape into a book has embraced nonfiction.  I knew absolutely nothing about flash fiction or flash non fiction before I started taking courses at WVU.  First I read Dinty Moore's Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Flash Fiction which led me to the Field Guide for Writing Flash Non Fiction

I’m intrigued by Moore’s history of flash non fiction.  It’s renewed my interest for reading Montaigne’s Essays which has been languishing in my stacks. It occasionally yells ‘read me, read me’ and I say, ‘okay in a few.’   I’m fascinated by all the rabbit trails, authors and essays and magazines to read and absorb. 
“Bernard Cooper offers perhaps the first attempt to define the brief essay form...To paraphrase Cooper, then, the brief essay form is discrete, sharply focused, and must be held up, studied like a small tableau, to review the secrets of human nature contained therein.”
I’ll have…

Flash Friday - Night Road

Friday Flash 

Night Road 

Decided to revisit Oulipos today and share my experiment utilizing Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken which turned out to be a big failure. I tried the N + 7 route which is replace the major nouns with another noun which is the 7th one below it, in the dictionary.  However the first line ending up being 
Two robbers diverged in a women. 
After I stopped laughing and got over my hot flash, tried a few variations but it just wasn’t working.  Then I got the bright idea to take book titles and transform them into a story, but got as far as a weird poem.  Which is below for your viewing  pleasure. 
On the Night Road 
Death Comes Brightly Burning Across the Endless River On the Night Road.
Dark Shadows  In the Woods Scream for Me, On the Night Road.
Flashback Phantom Rainwater Dark Harbor.
The Door Within All Through The Night Vanished A World I Never Made.
Midnight A Lethal Harvest Watcher in the Woods Shoot Him if He Runs.
Forgotten Garden Born in Fire Icebound Thunder of Heaven
Blink Shadow of…

Flash Friday - Universe

Flash Friday - F is for Form

April is the 20th anniversary of National Poetry month and I'm not much of a poet but like to play with Oulipo's.   So for your entertainment and mine, here's an oulipo made up of book titles containing the letter F from my shelves, in the form of four line stanzas.  Enjoy! 

The People From the Sky
Worst Fears Realized
A Pirate looks at Fifty
Final Approach. 

Boy From Reactor Four
Writing From the Inside Out 
Fear the Dark.

Fairy Godmother
Her Fearful Symmetry
Isle of Fire
The Forgotten Garden,

Fancy Pants
Breach of Faith
Foucault's Pendulum
Things Fall Apart.

Now it's your turn!