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James has a new love: Godzilla! Father introduced him to the original U.S. 1954 version of Godzilla. You know, the one with Raymond Burr. We rented it on Netflix. After that, he was hooked. We have since bought several movies included the original Japanese Version of Godzilla. It is fascinating to watch. James took it upon him to write a letter to TOHO Productions. (I found the address for him) He is interested in visiting their studios (if we ever go to Japan) someday.

Here is the letter he wrote:

Dear Toho Productions,

I am a big Godzilla Fan and would like to be involved in making a Godzilla film when I get older. What would I have to do to become a member of your production team. I would like to see more Godzilla movies made. May I visit your studio sometime when we come to Japan?

Thank you,

James (7 years old)

We edited it because he had recently watched "Herbie the Love Bug" and wanted to see a movie about Godzilla squashing Herbie. We didn't wan…

Five In A Row

Last year we discovered a wonderful resource – Five in a Row.

Jane and Steve Lambert designed an awesome method using outstanding childrens books. There are four volumes. Each volume has a choice of approximately 16 books. You pick a book from the guide and read it everyday for a week. The guide is simple to use and everything is laid out for you. They provide step-by-step instructions for teaching social studies, language, art, math, and science. You decide which subject you are going to teach each day. Most of the books are available at the library, but I prefer buying the books. We have a tendency to read the books over and over and over again.

Check out the Lambert’s website at You will be able to find out all kinds of information including what book titles are included in the manuals.

We are having fun “rowing” a different book each week and learning new things. So when I talk about what book we are rowing this week, you will know what I am talki…


Wow! James reads so well, how did you teach him? The person who asked expected a simple answer. What she wanted to hear was “Oh, it was easy, all we did was show him how to read and that was it”

What she got was a loaded answer.

I start to explain it was a multi step process. First we had to teach him how to recognize the alphabet and learn the letter sounds. He really enjoyed watching Leap Frog Video’s and Between the Lions on PBS. It is an excellent show. He learned a lot from them. (her eyes start to twitch and look for a way out of this conversation). Next, we used Phonics Pathways to teach him how to read. (her eyes are glazing over and her hands are twitching) He learned to sound out words and read simple books like “Bob Books”, then progressed to easy readers. (she is shuffling her feet and looking for an excuse to escape)

I decide to let her off the hook and cut it short saying “thank you for asking. It’s actually a long process and doesn’t happen over night.…

Welcome to my world

Let me share a little bit about our world before we get started.

I am a 47 year young home school mom, wife, student and accountant for our business.

My # 1 blessing is my husband. He is my soul mate, best friend, sounding board, massage therapist, can fix anything mechanical, wonder man. Do you think I love him just a little bit? He is master of the house and my sweet son calls him Father. So we will refer to him throughout as Father.

My #2 blessing is my one and only son, James. It wasn’t intended for him to be an only, but that’s the way it worked out.

God works in mysterious ways and we are quite a happy little family unit. I wouldn’t want it any different.

We have our own successful electronic repair business. Father will be celebrating 19 years of ownership in April. I became involved in the business while we were dating and am officially the office manager/accountant. Lots of paperwork. We are in the process of moving the business to a different site. Hopefull…