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Past, Present and Future

A picture, a snapshot of memory flashes through my head. I’m sitting in the waiting room while James is doing his occupational therapy.  There’s another mom waiting for one of her kid’s,  reading Hop on Pop to her two year old.  I listen to their conversation as he interrupts every other sentence to ask a question. Dr. Seuss was a staple in our household, same as hubby’s.  We found his old books while cleaning out the house after his mom passed.  We stopped what we were doing to browse through the books, his memories all the more poignant.  I think Hop on Pop is just one of those books that transcends time.  No matter what decade, kids everywhere learn to read with Hop or Pop or some other Dr. Seuss book.  And kids everywhere try to bounce on their dad’s stomach resulting in much groaning and laughter.
When I was nine, or ten, I used to read to my brother.  I found a picture of us, sitting on mom’s bed.  Me in my white and pink flowered pajama top, tousled hair and my new white Easter…