James M's review of THE DARK KNIGHT RISES (2012)


Greetings, Bat-fans.

Well, this is it. 

After seven years and two movies, we've reached the end of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy starring Christian Bale, the series of Batman movies that brought the Dark Knight himself back to his darker roots and reinvigorated Batman for a new generation of audiences in an era where superhero movies were on the rise in popularity. 

And THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, our movie we are covering, came out in the same year as THE AVENGERS, the very film that really ensured the superhero craze that is still going on to this day.

Following the battle with The Joker and Harvey Dent/Two Face's death in THE DARK KNIGHT, Batman faces his greatest trial yet when Bane arrives in Gotham City to destroy it. The battle pushes the Dark Knight and his allies almost to the breaking point with Bane and his goons taking control of the city and threatening it with destruction, even Batman's taken out of commission for a time.

But in the end, Batman gets back up and Gotham rises up against its oppressors. And after a long-fought battle, Bane is defeated and Gotham is saved with it's dark protector seemingly sacrificing himself until Alfred discovers later that Bruce is still alive and has hooked up with Silena Kyle aka Catwoman, a perfect ending to a decently-made trilogy.

What else can I say about the movie? 

Christian Bale's acting was the best part of the film alongside Michael Caine's portrayal of Bruce's butler, even Gary Oldman nailed it as Commissioner Gordon. And you could say this was Tom Hardy's first comic book movie role, playing Bane, almost six years before he played the role of Eddie Brock/Venom.

The action in this movie is perhaps the most well put together in any action movie, especially superhero films. You gotta love the fight choreography as well as the musical score and how well the tone is handled with the story, you can feel suspense at nearly every turn to a point where you're worried about the future of Gotham by the end. I wasn't worried, I knew that our heroes would be fine.

Is there potential for more stories set in this universe?

Maybe, but for now, let the Nolan-verse version of Batman and his crew have their happy ending. However, rumor has it that Bale's Batman may show up in THE FLASH, which is coming out in 2023 and will be about exploring the multiverse. Michael Keaton's version of Batman is coming back, so why can't Christian Bale's version of Batman make his return as well?

Overall, this trilogy, along with so many other superhero films and film trilogies, is the best one yet. This film deserves the love it got at the time and I say the score is a ten out of ten just as the entire trilogy deserves that big old 10/10. Mr. Nolan, you were amazing. And Bale, congratulations on playing your role in making Batman a dark hero again.

Now, we rest.

-James M

James M's review of Doctor Who: The Legend of the Sea Devils


Sorry for the delay, Whovians. 

Today, we're here to discuss/review LEGEND OF THE SEA DEVILS, the Thirteenth Doctor's penultimate episode before the big one and the second special of 2022 after the New Year's Eve of The Daleks episode.

In this serial, The Doctor, Dan and Yaz visit a Chinese town under siege from the Sea Devils and have to team up with a pirate queen in order to defeat them. Despite all the odds against them, they saved the world and defeated the group of Sea Devil pirates causing trouble while The Doctor's relationship with Yaz is explored even further. That's right, The Doctor and Yaz have become a couple, you gotta love these kinds of relationships and stuff.

Anyway, what do I think of this episode?

It's dang good, has quite the entertainment value like all Doctor Who episodes have to a degree. And nearing the end of her run, Jodie Whittaker has done an impressive job as the Time Lord. While it sure has been fun, the end is nigh again and nothing lasts forever. 

The action was quite well-choreographed and the pacing did not feel off in the slightest, even the actors as well as the crew knew what they were doing with this wild episode.

Overall, LEGEND OF THE SEA DEVILS gets a solid score of 9/10. If you're a long-time Whovian who wants to see the aquatic dinosaur people again, this is just the show for you.

Now, its time for the endgame. Next time, The Doctor will meet some old friends and foes again and face her impending regeneration. Bring on the Fourteenth Doctor, BBC.

-James M

James M's review of IDW Sonic issue 50

Welcome back, Sonic fans. 
This is it, after months of build up and two years after issue 25 as well as over a few decades after Archie Sonic reached it's 50th issue, IDW Sonic has reached its 50th issue and it is big.

Was the pay-off worth it, especially with the plot around Surge, Kit, Doctor Starline, their plan and the looming battle with Sonic and Tails that unfolded?

In many ways, yes. 

While it didn't change the status quo, it was epic and engaging if not just satisfying to boot. IDW Sonic issue 50 was well written and had great action scenes throughout, especially with the fight between Doctor Eggman and Doctor Starline. Its so nice when storylines often live up to the hype, you don't want disappointment and this issue does not disappoint anyone.

IDW Sonic has done a very good job throughout its four year run, telling engaging stories and showing respect to the characters we know well. It also appears to serve as a satisfying (and unexpected) conclusion to Doctor Starline's story. How does it conclude? With Starline beaten by Eggman and reduced to a maddened state while rubble falls on him.

That's right, this issue 50 of a Sonic comic sees someone die. But this time, instead of an established villain like Doctor Ivo Robotnik, its the comic original character Doctor Starline. 

It is impressive that the writers can get away with whatever they want to get away with in regards to the original comic-exclusive characters, the game characters have to be untouched and in character. SEGA standards after all, you don't want to tick them off at all...

My final score for this issue is... a 10, Ian Flynn pulled off the near impossible once again and the art is so beautiful, just beautiful.

Now, we await the next issue and promise to continue following this wonderous journey.
Farewell, fans, for now...

-James M