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I am finished.

I wrote 102,208 words in 30 days and have a complete story. Father was a great influence in telling me I had to get to at least a 100,000 words today and had so many hours before midnight. I was bound and determined, worked all day and finished it just moments ago.

So, now I set it aside for a week or two, to take a break, work on class projects, pay some attention to attention deprived James and Father, before I go back, reread and start to edit. I never imagined in a jillion years that I would accomplish writing a story, a novel in 30 days. So, celebrate with me, have a glass of wine (virtually or real) and do a happy dance.
Blue Momma from Life in the Fishbowl

is hosting this week and wants to

Unfinished Projects

I want you to show me your......projects. More to the point, I want to see your unfinished projects. I have so many that I really need some reassurance that I'm not the only one. Home improvement projects are what I have in mind, but it you don't have any of those show me any kind of project - needlework, cooking, scrapbooking, etc. You can even show me your spouse if they qualify as a work in process.

And please, I WANT PICTURES!!!! You can talk if you want, but you don't have to. I know since you are all bloggers talk is bound to happen, but I most definitely want to see photos of those unfinished projects.

Gack. Just a few minutes ago, I remembered signing up for this and rushed about. What unfinished projects do I want to share. I have a list as long as my arm, but don't we all. Bathrooms that have been tiled, but the cove forgotten. Walls that need to be repainted.

My husban…
Happy Thanksgiving

The last few days have been quite busy. Wednesday was my 48th birthday. Father came home early and cooked a lovely lamb dinner. Father and James gave me Mary Poppins Movie, The Mary Poppins Companion book (which James picked out all by himself) and Father gave me the new Mercedes Lackey book. He really does know me. He saw it in the store and he said "that the one to get her." I had not mentioned I wanted the book, and I guess all the Mercedes Lackey books in my bookshelves stirred a memory. I was quite surprised. My parents gave me a very generous check and my sister gave me Scarlet by Lawhead and Self Editing for Fiction Writers.

I got myself in trouble as soon as I started to read Self Editing. I began editing my words as worked on "floating on the surface. " I slowed down to think about the structure, instead of the story. Slapped myself across the face a few times and reminded myself "NO EDITING. YET!" Things flowed a …
Luna has been growing and she is now 6 1/2 months old.

Then at 2 months

Now - One relaxed cat.

Weekly report - sort of!

God is my muse !

This week we did formal lessons on Monday and Tuesday, then took the rest of the week off. In the scheme of things, this week falls on my 3 weeks on / 1 week off schedule, however since we are off next week for my birthday and the thanksgiving holiday, I decided to power through and do lesson. I had planned for the whole week but didn't accomplish that. Why not? you ask. Well, ideas for the story I am writing bloomed and I wrote pretty much non stop for a couple days. Oh, we stopped for meals and Mom, I need attention breaks.

I have a Fall season picture on my desktop from unityonline that is of a road leading into the countryside and it is lined with trees, the leaves have all turned color and leaves are strewn all over the place. The saying is " divine guidance directs me on my path. I am wise with the wisdom of spirit. I read that saying every day and every time I get onto my computer. I have to say God is my muse! Divine guidance is leading me an…
Morning Glory

We were snug in our bed when Luna gave us a stinky wake up call around 6:30. I moved the litter box out of the room, sprayed with room deodorizer and left my husband trying to go back to sleep. I sleepily puttered about the kitchen preparing my breakfast. When I sat down to eat, glanced out to the window to see:

Thank you God for early wake up calls that allow me to witness the glory of the sun rising and the beautiful picture you painted just for me.

Nanowrimo update: 33,000 words and counting !!!!!!

I started writing this morning and just couldn't stop. I typed 5000 words today and put my main character through the emotional wringer. Finally introduced her to Benjamin and he just makes her heart beat so much faster and he is such an intense person. He fit in to the coincidences of God telling her to study Proverbs and sent the poor girl into a tail spin. I had so much fun writing today. Of course, I did take time out to do lessons with James, make and have lunch and dinner. Hubby didn't get home until 8:00 and james was content and amusing himself. Tomorrow is another day.

Fun Monday is being hosted by rooten, tooten,



Now before we begin, here are the directions from "Mother Anni"--
[Hope no one thought you were crazy enough to put you in "the suit", or a rubber room while experimenting with this! :o)]

- 30 GIANT STEPS - IN ANY direction. You may have to make a few turns and pivots so you won't run into any walls or such...don't want any injuries today! WARNING: Avoid any obstacles in the way- if there's a it & continue, if there is a wall...pivot AROUND it. You may end up outdoors! Or perhaps if a small apartment....down the hallway....who knows?!! :::thinking::: "Oh gawd, if there's a pool at the end of your thirty steps, I sure as H E double L hope you can swim!!!!"

After the 30 giant steps, Stop!
Then, take 15 baby steps back.
After the 15 baby steps, Stop!
LOOK in a…
We are doing school light for the month of November while I am doing Nanowrimo. For more info on nano, scroll down below this post. This week we accomplished everything on our list, plus James enjoyed doing on the internet. Wonderful educational sight and he is improving his math skills with the Leon Math Stories.

Devotions: discussed love, wrote and memorized 1 Corinthian 13:8 Love Never Fails.

Lord Teach Me to Pray: Finished the section on Pledging our Allegiance and discussing the 2nd line in the Our Father.

English: Completed Lessons 17 and 18 Writing our Answers and Changing word order in making sentences.

Spelling: Completed Lesson 17 and learned all about Syllables. Besides completing the work book, on Daddy day had Father test him by having James write all the words and circle which ones had two syllables.

Math: He is in Unit 4 and working on basic facts, sums through 10

How to Write A Story: All about being creative and looking at pictures and seeing how ma…
I have been diligently getting up every morning between 6:30 to 7:00 and working on the story until 10:00. Characters and story lines keep changing as the writing proceeds. Initially the love interest, Adam was going to be a 4th grade teacher, new to the area. He has morphed into a sculptor and the brother of Father Andrew and Sister Mary Margaret. Father thinks I should change his name. I need a good name that reflects a sculptor - and matches the picture of his character.

My imaginary curriculum has changed to real classical since I discovered several real catholic churches and especially one in Texas who are actually used Well Trained Mind and all its recommendations including story of the world to teach the students. I will actually base the class on that and might change the titles, I don't know. They say, write what you know.

I finally finished the first day in my characters story and tomorrow, we will see what that brings. It is the week before school and has meeti…

The story is actually progressing quite well and I have managed to write 13562 words and am still in my character's first day. I have taken her from waking up at 6:30 in the morning to just about to eat dinner. Who knew I could be so verbose. LOL! I have gone back a couple times and expanded some scenes, but need to concentrate on turning off my internal editor and write instead. I can edit as much as I want when this is over. Here is another snippet of the story

Background: Samantha's dad is a baptist preacher and every Sunday he emails her with a copy of his sermon for the day.


“Hi honey, hope you are having a restful Sunday. This is the sermon I gave today and it seemed to make several people squirm.I have a habit of doing that – making people uncomfortable, getting under their skin and making them think.Yesterday evening while I was sitting down on the dock by the lake fishing, I saw a bald eagle fly high overhead kiting on the wind currents.It de…
National Novel Writing Month

Wednesday night I hardly slept. All night I was writing the story in my head and just couldn't wait until morning came. I finally fell asleep and woke up around 7:15, lay there a few minutes and climbed out of bed about 7:30. Got dressed and went into the kitchen to make breakfast. James heard me clinking about and got up. "What are you doing up, its not 8:00 yet" he asks. I have the kid well trained not to come into my room before 8:00 a.m. in the morning, so he doesn't expect me to be up before then. I told him (again) about nanowri and that would be working on the story in the mornings and I planned on getting up earlier to do that. We had breakfast, got him settled with a movie in the living room and started typing. Because I had already thought out much of what I wanted to say, didn't need to write it down. I found the story flowing and inventing itself as I typed. I managed to complete 2000 words before Fathe…
Excerpt from Floating on the Surface

"The sunlight filtered through the curtains, chasing away the shadows in the room. Samantha’s 6 month old kitten watched the dust motes floating in the stream of sunlight with interest.After a couple minutes, she started swatting at the dust.When she grew weary of playing with the dust motes, she climbed up to the pillow and gently prodded at Samantha’s head which was barely showing beneath the covers.Samantha burrowed into the comforter, deep asleep in the midst of a dream.Chloe curled up beside her and went back to sleep.
In her dream, she watched as colorful leaves of yellow, orange, purple and brown swirled through the air, the trees rustling in the wind.One multiple colored leaf came in to view as it floated on the currents of the wind, back and forth until it landed in a fast moving stream.The stream carrying the leaf, bobbing up and down in the water, flowing here and there with the currents.The leaf went over a mini waterfall into a …

Weekly Report

Studied James 4:8
Come Close to God. Then he will come close to you.

Pledging our Allegiance. Studying in depth the second sentence in the OUR FATHER.

"Your Kingdom Come"

and what allegiance means.

Finished Unit 3
Minuends through 10

Completed Lesson 16
Adding ing

Completed Unit 1
Lesson 16 and 17

James and Father read about Radioactivity and discussed.

On Wednesday, lessons didn't get done because Tuesday night the check engine light went on in my car. I took in it at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday and sat around the waiting room for almost two and half hours until they came out to tell me the O2 sensor was bad and needed to be replaced to the tune of $300.00 This just happened to be something that was missed a month ago when I had almost $2000.00 worth of work done on the car because the radiator sprung a leak and numerous other maintenance issues - all legitimate had to be dealt with. So I waited another 1 1/2 hours while they did the work. Fortunately I had brought "Ho…