Happy Father's Day

Me and My Dad

James and John

Happy Fathers day to the special dads in my life!

Congratulations to my Nephew

Attended my nephew's high school graduation in Texas. He's a cutie and always been a bit extra special to me since I was my sister's birth coach and was there when he was born. He'll be studying engineering with a minor in Math in college. 

Dallas World Aquarium

My sisters, one of my nieces and I had a girls day out and went to the Dallas World Aquarium while I was in Texas for my nephew's high school graduation.  It was the neatest place with a rainforest, plants and animals from Mayan folklore.  They even had dancers doing a mayan dance.  It was a lot of fun.

Albino Alligator

Black Jaguar

Carpet Anemone

Japanese Spider Crab - right out of a sci fi movie. It was huge.

Feeding of the Sharks

Rain Forest

Sea Dragon

Needlenose Shark

Fish - don't remember the name but beautiful

Mayan Painting


Red Flamingos