Guest Post -James M's Review of IDW Sonic Bad Guys issue 3


Welcome back folks, we're in the home stretch with this one, issue three of the Bad Guys IDW Sonic miniseries is here and its time to summarize. Last time, Doctor Starline, Zavok, Rough & Tumble and Mimic attacked an Eggman base and stole some power cores from Sonic Heroes while trying to trick Eggman into believing that Sonic attacked the base. Now, lets see how things play out, eh?


Our tale begins with Doctor Starline at his computer, watching one of his own Vlogs which talks about how his plan has been a success so far and how he will soon dispose of Mimic and the others. Then Zavok comes in and its revealed that "Starline" is Mimic in disguise and the real Starline is asleep, however, the bad guys now know of the doctor's intentions. 

Regardless, they intend to play along with Doctor Starline's plans for the time being and make their move later though Mimic wants to kill Starline now rather than wait until later. The very next day, the bad guy group heads over to the main EggNet headquarters and launch their attack on it, deploying the power of the Power Cores to good use as they smash robots and fight their way inside.

While that is happening, Eggman, who is at one of his bases, gets ready to fight his enemies as he deploys his forces when Orbot comes in with some intel that Sonic is attacking a depot in the north which raises suspicion from the doctor as his lackey bot suggests that Tails sent a dummy transmission before Eggman hops into his Egg Hawk and heads off to battle with his enemies.

Who sent the "dummy transmission"? Well, Starline and his crew did that, as they were taking the main room of Eggnet HQ. However, just as Starline is taking care of buisness on the computer, Mimic and the others begin to turn on him. In order to save himself, the platypus does Mimic the favor of deleting his files from the Eggnet and gives Zavok total control of Eggman's army. Unfortunately for Starline, Zavok and his group decide its time for Starline to be disposed of, having served his purpose...


The ending of this issue was decently written and sets up the finale nicely, I wonder where things will go from here. Hopefully it'll be good, we know Ian is a good writer and can accomplish anything despite running into roadblocks i.e SEGA restrictions here and there. After this series is over, its gonna be a while before we hear from Ian Flynn on the writing front again.

Starline is amazing and I hope he shows up in the games, Zavok's being written well and the other villains are not so bad. I give this issue a 9/10...

Bye folks, see u in the final issue.

Guest Post -James' M's review of IDW Sonic issue 34



Y'know what this means? REVIEW TIME!

So where were we so far?

Simple, to try and get new parts for Omega to fix him, Amy, Rouge and Cream head over to Sonic 4's White Park to participate in some Chao Races. Meanwhile, Shadow the Hedgehog follows a mysterious figure and Sonic and Tails go explore an abandoned Eggman base while someone follows them.

The issue starts the next morning after issue 33, Amy and Cream are sitting down for breakfast and Rouge shows up. They go off to resume taking part in the Chao Races and Shadow, who is spying on them, goes off to do his own investigation and ends up finding the head of Omega while in a room around the same time Cheese is participating and winning a Chao race.

Rouge, Amy, Cream and Cheese run into Shadow while meeting with the shady businessman Clutch, whom Shadow knocks out and reveals to be more shady than ever when its revealed he imprisons Chao who lose Chao Races. What a creep!

Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails are exploring the Eggman base thats probably Final Egg when they come face to face with Evan Stanley's new character Belle, who was apparently made by Eggman back when he was Mr. Tinker. Tails tries to hack into Eggman's computers, only for it to end badly as it sets off alarms and wakes up countless Eggman Badniks who are ready to attack...


Evan Stanley continues to do a great job more so than Ian Flynn despite the fact Ian was a solid writer, nothing is holding her back aside for maybe a few SEGA guidelines here and there but she is going all out and she's writing the Sonic characters very nicely. Shadow is well written, aside from the fact SEGA still wants him to be written the way he's been written during Ian's tenure on IDW.

I gladly give the issue a 9/10, this comic is quite the ride, Sonic is super awesome and inspiring to so many folks, including countless fanfic writers like myself and others I can name but some I can't.

Anyways, off I go now.


-James M

Guest Post -James M's review of IDW Sonic Bad Guys Issue 2


Welcome back, IDW Sonic fans. BAD GUYS issue 2 is here and you know what that means.


Where we last left off in issue one, Doctor Starline busted Mimic the Octopus, Rough and Tumble and Zavok out of jail and they got out of there in one almost iconic jail break sequence. Now, its time to see where they're going in this one.

Its simple, Doc Starline and his team attack an Eggman base and they do some damage. In fact, they also try to make it look as if Sonic attacked the base. Very cleaver, I bet Eggman's gonna buy that and, er, he almost does but he sees through the flaws and quickly figures out that somebody else is to blame even though he has yet to know who it was.

My thoughts on the issue?

Well, it was great, Ian Flynn did a masterful job like he always does. He went all out with no SEGA mandates holding him back, Ian always tries to go all out with his storytelling despite being held back most of the time by stuff behind the scenes. Nothing to worry about.

Halfway through this epic miniseries, I am enjoying this ride.


Lets hope the Sonic comics get more cooler during Sonic's 30th anniversary in 2021.

I give this issue an 8/10.

Sorry if the review was short, but I don't have a whole load of thoughts. See you later, ya'll.

-James M

Guest Post -James M's review of IDW Sonic issue 33


Hello folks, at last, a new era for the Sonic comics has begun. Ian Flynn's tenure is over (for now) and Evan Stanley, a writer and fan just like him, has become the head writer for the book. So whats going to happen today and what adventures await us in the world of Sonic!

Where we last left off, our heroes had just gotten through the nightmare that was the Metal Virus saga and Sonic returned after ending up in the Sol Dimension and having amnesia. The gang defeated Eggman and the blue speedster ran off to his next big adventure, but of course, there is an important matter to deal with and thats how to fix good old E-123 Omega.

Time for a quick summary, my friends.

Summary Time:

The story starts off at Tails' house with Tails, Amy, Vanilla and Cream trying to fix Omega but its real tough since Omega is an Eggman robot and they don't have the parts they need. Then its suggested that they can get some at Chao Races, so off they go to a Chao Race. Meanwhile, Shadow follows a mysterious figure and he gets plenty of dialogue.

Cream enters Cheese in a Chao Race and Cheese narrowly winds the race, getting himself in a big championship. Meanwhile, Sonic and Tails go to White Park Zone from Sonic 4 so they can try getting parts for Omega as well and they're attacked by a mysterious figure.


The story is quite good, Evan is a really good writer and a great artist. I do like that Amy, Rouge and Cream did change outfits out of their traditional outfits and into winter outfits. Fun fact, there is a SEGA mandate that states that the SEGA cast cannot change wardrobe, but Evan has found a way around the issue by having them wear outfits they wore in official material I.E artwork on the Sonic Channel. As for Shadow's portrayal in this, its alright, a bit better than Ian's especially since SEGA did restrict him and they don't seem to be restricting Evan a whole lot.

This issue gets a 9 out of 10. I think the Chao are real cute, I like these guys so much (even though I never did a Chao Garden segment in a Sonic game), I intend to include and use Chao and Chao Gardens in my Sonic fanfics. We all love the Chao don't we.

Anyways, gotta go. Lots on the mind!

-James M

Guest Post -James M's Review of Sonic Bad Guys Issue 1


Hey folks, after months of waiting, its time to dive into the dark side of the Sonic universe with a story focusing on Doctor Starline and a few rogues in the world of IDW Sonic with issue one of the miniseries SONIC THE HEDGEHOG BAD GUYS!

As you know, Doctor Starline is a comic exclusive character and a villain, he first debuted in issue 11 during year one around the same time as the Battle For Angel Island and he became Doctor Eggman's lackey after Eggman got his memories back. He stuck around during the Metal Virus arc and soon got booted out by the doctor after the Deadly Six hijacked the plot. So what's Starline up to?

We start off the story with Starline snooping around an Eggman base and trying to access the Eggnet, this doesn't go well since he gets locked out and attacked by Eggman's robots, prompting him to use a new power in his shoes to destroy the incoming Moto Bugs. He later returns to the Eggman base that he's set up shop in and struggles to come up with an idea on what to do, until he gets an idea.

Starline visits a prison, specifically, the prison where bad guys are being held. Its one of the most secure of all prison facilities on, well, Mobius. Yes, I'm gonna call Sonic's world Mobius because I like Mobius and I HATE SEGA'S MANDATE OF SONIC'S WORLD CANNOT BE CALLED MOBIUS! Anyways, after tricking the warden of the prison, Starline finds the first person he's looking for. The first person he finds is none other than our old friend Mimic from the Tangle & Whisper series.

Oh and by the way, not only are Rough & Tumble here, but Zavok's here too. Starline attempts to recruit them, but they're not interested. He does managed to persuade them and, so, the "Deadly Four" is born. Starline's allies begin their prison break out and chaos soon ensues with the guards trying to stop them only to get taken out either by brute force or by trickery.

Starline commends Zavok for being a visionary and as the issue ends, the former lackey of Eggman declares that with the warm up done, its time they get started with doing some real damage.

My thoughts on this?
So cool. Guess it doesn't hurt to be a bad guy sometimes in fiction, I love me some fictional bad guys even though I like good guys and being good is good. We've seen a few bad guy centric stories in Sonic before, Scrambled and Eggman's Dozen in Sonic Universe being prime examples of stories focusing on the bad guys of Sonic's world.

Lets wait and see what happens with the next few issues next time folks.
-James M

Guest Post -James M's review of IDW Sonic issue 32

 Welcome back, Sonic fans. Well, this is it, 32 issues into IDW Sonic and we just went through a big arc. Not only that, but we've reached the end of Ian Flynn's run as head writer... for now. We've been through so much, now lets see how Ian's final (for now) issue in his IDW Sonic run goes.

Where we last left off, the heroes were beginning to throw a party to celebrate their victory over the Zombots when good old Doctor Ivo Eggman Robotnik launched in attack in a new mech powered by Omega. As the issue begins, Eggman declares himself the greatest party crasher in the history of party crashers and is delighted that all of Sonic's friends are gathered in one place so he can destroy them all.

The heroes launch an attack on the doctor and the battle is on with them putting up a struggle, Gemerl is somewhat of a casualty as Eggman pulls him into his mech. So far, while there is a stalemate, the heroes are not doing well. There is only one person who can help and thats Sonic.

Ah, Sonic... or should we call him Mister Needlemouse... is in the Sol Dimension, so the heroes have to do it alone. There is a bit of progress when Tails, with Rouge's help, hacks into Eggman's mech and Omega starts to try and free himself only for Eggman to take back control ASAP!

Over in the Sol Dimension, after Sonic/Mr. Needlemouse returns from a run, Blaze, in an attempt to cure Sonic's amnesia, brings out the Sol Emeralds and turns into Burning Blaze. This causes Sonic to get his memories back and Blaze returns him home in time to defeat Eggman.

After the doctor retreats, Sonic has a heartwarming reunion with his friends before helping them clean up the mess from Eggman's attack. Following that, Sonic races off to go find some adventure as the issue ends.

Final Thoughts:

Ian's last issue as head writer for the time being is amazing, it had lots of good moments and a really epic battle with Eggman. After 32 issues and two years, IDW Sonic has become a big success in the franchise and is the best up there with Archie Sonic.

With the Metal Virus saga behind us and Ian stepping away for now, its time for more adventures as Evan Stanley takes the reins as lead writer. Lets see what she has in store.

Bye yall.

-James M

A to Z Poetry: 4 a.m. fragments


4 a.m. fragments

He yells, 

awakening me from sleep

I'm  fighting a war, saving the world.

He won't remember when he wakes

the glorious battle he fought in the deep.

Did the hero win?

Hubby mumbles and nudges me

waking me once again. 

The cell phone dings and we

 can't ignore the beep or blip or ring,

no matter where or when.

 Even with my glasses, too bleary eyed to read.

It's not an emergency.

It's nothing, I say, 

 just the stupid phone with a mind of its own.

Gracie nudged me in the  back 

purring like a tribble.

Images of Star Trek space battles 

coalesce and thoughts start to roam 

from here to there and everywhere. 

Who'd let the damn cat in?

 Unable to sleep, I rise to write  

and characters interject, telling me what to say.

I give in and let them guide the pen.

The story works when I get out of their way.

When all is said and done, 

tired, yet wired, 

It's time to begin my day.

Guest Post -James M's review of IDW Sonic Issue 31


Part two of the Metal Virus Saga Aftermath Arc is upon us and boy its good.

Enough dilly dallying, lets get into the plot... skipping the recap.

Following the events of issue 30, Sonic is in Blaze's world and he's somewhat got amnesia. In fact, he and Blaze are having tea in Blaze's palace with Blaze wondering what's happening with Sonic and the blue hedgehog seems to be flirting with the fire cat. Welcome back Casanova Sonic, we have not seen anything romantic from you since sometime before the Archie Sonic series rebooted.

ARGH, curse SEGA's restrictions and Ian Flynn's lack of level-headedness getting sick of shipping.

Moving along back to Sonic's world, everyone is recovering and cleaning up from the Metal Virus War. Amy's struggling with the Restoration while thinking about the old days when she chased Sonic before deciding to make Jewel the new leader of the Restoration.

Elsewhere, Tails and Tangle are assisting the newly returned to normal Rough and Tumble, the Skunk Bros, in escaping a refuse pit they ended up in at the start of the metal virus saga during year two. Instead of being nice, the skunks run off. On the Chaotix front, the Chaotix are busy with clean up as well when Vanilla and Cream show up. BTW, Ian Flynn did a great job, Vector and Vanilla actually flirt a little bit... for the first time since the last episodes of Sonic X. Whoa!

Far off, Rouge finds Shadow brooding to himself and talks to him, trying to invite him to a party obviously meant to celebrate the end of the metal virus saga. Shadow's actually thinking about what happened during the saga, specifically him getting infected.

Side note: Months ago, during an episode of the Bumblekast, when Ian was asked a question about Shadow's behavior and how he will be handled in the aftermath of the Zombot arc, he said he had a specific moment planned that he hoped SEGA would approve of. Just days prior to this issue's release, he in another episode said that the Shadow moment would be in issue 31, it may not be what he planned it to be (probably due to SEGA's restrictions still tight) but he got the moment in nonetheless.

On the villains front, Starline is at one of Eggman's old bases and, amazingly, he still likes Eggman and wishes to help him rule the world. At Doctor Eggman's current base, the doctor has Omega in his custody and has just finished putting him back together and plans on using him against Sonic.

Finally we come to Spiral Hill Village where everybody, Sonic's friends without Shadow, are celebrating their victory over the Metal Virus. Everything's all fine and dandy (even without Sonic in the area) when Doctor Eggman arrives to attack in his new mech, ending the issue...


This issue, like the others, was a blast to read and Ian Flynn, in his final days working on the mainstream Sonic comic series for now, does a phenomenal job even though most of the fans haven't gotten what they wanted yet i.e the Freedom Fighters showing up and IDW wrapping up unfinished plot threads from Archie Sonic.

Either way, the comic is a success and all is well!

-James. M!

Guest Post -James M's review of IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 30

Review: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG #30 Doesn't Slow Down

Hello folks, we're back and its time to review...
Its the aftermath saga's beginning.

With the Metal Virus defeated, what now?
Well, Sonic just ended up in Blaze's world and Eggman got away, plus we got the Deadly Six Zeti folks to worry about as they're still on the surface world.

I read this issue and what do I think of it?
Its very good, has a lot of cool moments to go around.
Plenty of humor? Yup, there is.

LOL, Rouge and the Master Emerald, unforgettable.
So, whats gonna happen to Omega since what remains of him is in Eggman's clutches? We'll have to find out in the next two issues.

Why am I not talking a whole lot about it, you ask.
Well, lets just say that I like to often make my reviews a bit short, ok.

My score for this comic. 8/10, we all need a breather, especially after a looooong and drawn out story arc about robot zombies.

Well, time to chill now.
-James M.

Guest Post -James M's Review of IDW Sonic Issue 29

Sonic the Hedgehog #29 | IDW Publishing

Hi fellow Sonic fans, we're back to review issue 29 of IDW Sonic.
YEAH WAHOO! *Clap clap clap clap*
Ok, before I get ahead of myself. Let's review this comic, starting with synopsis time.

The issue picks up right where we left off with our heroes facing the Zombots and the giant Zavok on Angel Island. It's too late to turn back now, light is fading from Sonic's world and the final battle has begun. Is there any hope left? Can the heroes succeed and win the day?

You'll find out in just a bit.
Right now, IT'S SHOWTIME!

Sonic and his friends attack the Zombots and, guess what, Knuckles gets infected when he attacks Zombot Shadow. Yeesh, Knuckles is just as arrogant as Shadow is in this continuity. Meanwhile, with help from Metal Sonic and Silver, Sonic goes straight for the last Chaos Emerald embedded in Giant Zavok's chest. However, the first two attempts don't exactly work out as Sonic ends up falling.

On the island, there doesn't seem to be much hope left. Eggman pushes Amy into a Zombot Big as he tries to make a run for it only for a Zombot Froggy to trip him and then jump on him. Knuckles keeps fighting Shadow until he becomes a zombot himself, Tails tries to get away from Zombot Cheese and Zombot Chocola only to get infected and ends up cowering in fear al'a Sonic Forces.

With everything on the line and the fate of the world really at stake here, Sonic and Silver make one more dash to the Chaos Emerald and, despite Zavok's efforts, Sonic gets the emerald and he transforms into Super Sonic, ridding himself of the Metal Virus at last, and Silver goes super too, for the first time since the events of Sonic 06.

Where does this lead to? Does this lead to an epic battle of epic proportions, no holds barred, Super Sonic and Super Silver vs Zavok? Weeeellll, we don't get a super big battle as Zavok is defeated in about a couple seconds and one panel flat. Yep, Super Sonic made Zavok look like a joke.

Afterwards, the two super hedgehogs take the Warp Topaz and using that along with their combined super powers, they all start draining the Metal Virus out of the world and into the Warp Topaz before sending the metal goo into the sun and, just like that, the Metal Virus is no more.
On the Floating Island, as everything returns to normal, there is rejoicing and happy reunions all around. However, in the case of Shadow and Knuckles, they are confused and get more confused when they see Rouge with the Master Emerald.

But what happens to the Warp Topaz?
As Sonic and Silver work to get rid of the Metal Virus, the device becomes more unstable and the heroes have to get rid of it. And get rid of it they do, but at a cost. Sonic vanishes! Yep, he vanishes and we end the story with Silver crashing on the island and the victorious heroes looking up at a green portal-y light in the sky above!

Wow, that finale! That was epic. IDW Sonic sure is cool and I'm glad we're free of the Metal Virus nightmare, who wants to see that go on for a lot longer. After all, this is SEGA's book and they're probably uncomfortable seeing their IPS get turned into zombie robots. Sonic came real close to becoming a Zombot so thank god he had super speed.
With the arc over, its time to breathe and enjoy simpler stories. I give this issue a 10/10.
Later folks!

-James M