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Mini Reviews

Last year I fell in lurv with Jennifer Estep's Elemental Assassin series about a young woman with elemental powers (she can controls the elements ice and stone) who by day runs a successful BBQ joint and by night, is an assassin. But she only takes out the bad guys.  In Widow's Web, a dangerous elemental, who was also once seriously involved with Gin's lover,  has come to town and is bound and determine to kill all who get in her way. Great series and look forward to the next book Deadly Sting which is coming out in March.

I am a sucker for series and once I read the first book in a series will go on to read the rest (if the first one is good) of the series in short order.  Discovered new to me author Julie Ann Walker who wrote The Black Knight Series and # 4 will be coming out in April.  The Black Knights are a black ops team for the U.S. Government and operate out of what looks like a  motorcycle design and repair shop, but that's just their cover.  Hell on Wheel…

Sunday Salon: January wrap up and February Reading plans

I was good during the month of January and concentrated on reading dusty books and made a small dent in my book stack but the stack had babies in February so back to where I started.  Actually clearing the stacks by reading authors and titles in alphabetical order after starting the year with a historical mystery, then a Canadian mystery for the Continental Challenge for 52 Books. 

At the end of last year I downloaded the first book in a new to me romantic action series - the Black Knights Inc by Julie Ann Walker.  And since I'm a sucker for series, had to download the other two since the first one was so good.  A small cheat on my buying ban which has now gone by the wayside with the result of a Super Bowl buying binge.  It may look like a long list but 3 or 4 books were very short and ebooks just seem to go faster. 

Started out the year thinking I would try and review every single book - not sure if that's going to work out.  We'll see. I'll have to mix it up with a f…

Write Brain Wednesday: Natures washing machine

Thought I start sharing some meanderings created from the Write Brain workbook exercises. The task was:

Choose ONE word that appeals to you:  Trophy,  Bible,  Inhale,   Giraffe,  Weed,  Lava,  Crush,   Banana, Mask,  Fender,  Gas

Choose ONE setting that most appeals to you: At a circus,   During a war,   In a space station,  Under a full moon,  On a beach,  At a park

Choose ONE starting phrase that most appeals to you:  If I could stop,   I once asked,  The first day,  If you must know,  The hurricane neared