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2014 Completed Reading Challenges

2014 Reading Challenges

Dusty Books:  Nat King Cole - 10 Books

Here Be Dragons - Sharon Kay PenmanThe Twelve - Justin Cronin
The Road to Rome - Ben Kane Tenth Stone - Bodie Thoene  The Sorceress - Michael Scott Falls the Shadow - Sharon Kay Penman Dragonfly in Amber - Diana Galdadan  Jonathan Norrell and Mr. Strange - Susanna Clark  Hollow Man - Dan Simmons Rapture - J.R. Ward

Chunky Books: Good Golly Miss Molly - 8 books 

Wind Up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami (607)  (1/14)Ice Hunt - James Rollins (656)  (1/20) The Passage - Justin Cronin (766) (1/27) Here Be Dragons - Sharon Kay Penman (704) (2/12) Amazonia - James Rollins (624) (3/4) Blood Gospel - James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell (714) (4/7)Monuments Men - Robert Edsell (640) (5/26)False Memory - Dean Koontz  (768)  (6/8)
Around the World
Japan - Wind Up Bird Chronicle - Haruki MurakamiEngland/Wales - Here Be Dragons - Sharon Kay PenmanItaly - The Road to Rome - Ben Kane Israel - Tenth Stone - Bodie and Brock ThoeneBrazil - Amazon…

2015 Reading Challenges

2015 Reading Challenges My challenge at the beginning of any new year is to whittle down the number of books on my shelves since my books have had many babies throughout the year.  I am going to institute a buying ban for the beginning of the year through April and plan to read only books I own.  Always easier said than done.  

Once again I will be hosting Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks  and have many fun mini challenges and readalongs to keep everyone inspired.   

I'm going to do a 3/5/15 challenge which is 3 books in 5 categories for the year 2015.  My categories are  Dusty, Chunky, Translated, Study of St. Luke, Spiritual/Philosophical.  

I'll also do another round of A to Z and Around the World, keeping track of countries and centuries.  

Completed Reads for 2014

2014 Completed Reads

An Antarctic Mystery - Jules Verne: 1839 Antarctic 184p eb)Black Arts (JY#7) - Faith Hunter:  (20th C, New Orleans, 336p  eb)Wind Up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami (20th C, Japan 607p)Ice Hunt - James Rollins (20th C, Arctic, 656p) The Tale of Genji (volume 1) - Lady Murasaki (12thC, Japan, 210p eb)The Passage - Justin Cronin (20thC, US and various, 766p) Fury of the Demon - Diana Rowland (20thC, Paranormal, 416p eb)Dead Man's Deal (#2 Asylum Tales) - Jocelyn Drake (20thC paranormal, 384p eb) House of Cards (#2 Negotiator) - C.E. Murphy (20thC paranormal, 447p eb) Here Be Dragons (#1 Welsh) - Sharon Kay Penman (13th, England/Wales, 704p) Hands of Flame (#3 Negotiator) - C.E. Murphy (20thC, paranormal, 384p, eb) The Twelve - Justin Cronin (dystopian U.S., 568 p)  Coyote Dreams (#3 Walker Papers) - C.E. Murphy  (20thC paranormal, 416p, eb)Walking Dead (#4 Walker Papers - C.E. Murphy (20thC paranormal, 384p, eb)Concealed in Death (#38 In death) - J.D. Robb (futu…

52 Books 2014 Wrap Up

Read 52 Books in 52 Weeks 2014 Wrap Up

How many books did you read and did you meet your own personal goal?

My goal was 100 books and I read 148. (link to books) Of course, 47 of those books were rereads (J.D. Robb's In Death series (39) and Faith Hunter's Jane Yellowrock series (8) so if I didn’t count those, the total would be 101.

The statistical breakdown is 90 physical books and 58 Ebooks.  Last year it was 50/50 split and I was determined to read more ‘real’ books versus ‘virtual.’   I read a lot of series so the breakdown of male to female was 14 males to 34 females.  Out of those 16 were new to me authors.

Challenge wise  (link to books) I cleared my shelves of 10 dusty books, 8 chunky books, and 5 faith reads. Also completed A to Z except for Y and Z which will do within the next week.

I visited 11 countries including Israel, Japan, China, England, Italy, Wales Istanbul, Brazil, United States, and Afghanistan and made it through several centuries includi…