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January Wrap Up

The best laid plans tend to go awry.  I think the best plan sometimes is no plan and to just go with the flow and see what happens.  Then again, the benefit of planning is you know what to expect.  So my plan to not buy anymore new books for at least 4 months.  Out the window within a week. However, the thought of not buying books made me think hard before adding to my stacks.  The majority were actually writing books including Julie Cameron's The Right to Write, Elizabeth George's Write Away and Writers and Their Notebooks edited by Diana Raab.   

I moved our big comfy chair into the corner of the living room and made myself a nice little reading and writing nook.  The cats are loving it, especially Melvin, who has been curling up in my lap more than ever.  Not part of the plan, but oh well.  *grin*  Back to the plan which was for January to read books set in or written by Japanese authors for our 52 Books Around the World challenge.  Books set in the 12th century for my Centu…

Life, Creativity, Writing and State of the Blog

In the night of death, hope sees a star, and listening love can hear the rustle of a wing.  ~Robert Ingersoll

My mom passed away two months ago as of today, after a very long battle with her health.  She gave it all she had, stayed with us until she and dad celebrated their 60th Anniversary.  Right before Thanksgiving, a brain aneurysm took her away from us.  Our household was quite rudderless for a month or so, as I gave up the reins and just hibernated. A couple weeks ago,  hubby was commenting on not being able to get anything done.  I told him I had just figured it out and explained that I am the rudder, the one who guides the boat, who figures out the path, keeps track of our course.  When mom died, I let got of the rudder and we were floating and just going with the current. Once I explained it to hubby, he got it.  I'm finally ready to guide the boat again.   Along with some peace of mind,  my muse, my creativity, my imagination has finally come back after a long block. 


2014 Completed Reads

2014 Completed Reads

An Antarctic Mystery - Jules Verne: 1839 Antarctic 184p eb)Black Arts (JY#7) - Faith Hunter:  (20th C, New Orleans, 336p  eb)Wind Up Bird Chronicle - Haruki Murakami (20th C, Japan 607p)Ice Hunt - James Rollins (20th C, Arctic, 656p) The Tale of Genji (volume 1) - Lady Murasaki (12thC, Japan, 210p eb)The Passage - Justin Cronin (20thC, US and various, 766p) Fury of the Demon - Diana Rowland (20thC, Paranormal, 416p eb)Dead Man's Deal (#2 Asylum Tales) - Jocelyn Drake (20thC paranormal, 384p eb) House of Cards (#2 Negotiator) - C.E. Murphy (20thC paranormal, 447p eb) Here Be Dragons (#1 Welsh) - Sharon Kay Penman (13th, England/Wales, 704p) Hands of Flame (#3 Negotiator) - C.E. Murphy (20thC, paranormal, 384p, eb) The Twelve - Justin Cronin (dystopian U.S., 568 p)  Coyote Dreams (#3 Walker Papers) - C.E. Murphy  (20thC paranormal, 416p, eb)Walking Dead (#4 Walker Papers - C.E. Murphy (20thC paranormal, 384p, eb)Concealed in Death (#38 In death) - J.D. Robb (futu…