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Celebrating my mom!

James and Mom
5 months ago today mom left us. She didn't want us to mourn but celebrate her life. One of my favorite things about mom was that she loved to sing and dance around the house. Abba was a big favorite and the song Mamma Mia is forever etched into my brain. Later on it was the soundtrack to Grease. Then there was Sentimental Journey. I don't remember who sang it - Frank Sinatra or Doris Day or Ella Fitzgerald. But mom used to always sing it a little off key which is how we all learned to sing it as well. I think she did it to make us laugh when we were just a touch too cranky or whiny. 
And she never swore. The only way you knew she was mad was 'The Look' or the slam of one of the kitchen cabinet doors. I found out later it actually felt good to slam a cabinet door, vent a little frustration. Just make sure it isn't the door to the china. *grin* Mom was always a very upbeat, very positive lady and she taught us love is unconditional…