Guest Post -James M's review of IDW Sonic issue 32

 Welcome back, Sonic fans. Well, this is it, 32 issues into IDW Sonic and we just went through a big arc. Not only that, but we've reached the end of Ian Flynn's run as head writer... for now. We've been through so much, now lets see how Ian's final (for now) issue in his IDW Sonic run goes.

Where we last left off, the heroes were beginning to throw a party to celebrate their victory over the Zombots when good old Doctor Ivo Eggman Robotnik launched in attack in a new mech powered by Omega. As the issue begins, Eggman declares himself the greatest party crasher in the history of party crashers and is delighted that all of Sonic's friends are gathered in one place so he can destroy them all.

The heroes launch an attack on the doctor and the battle is on with them putting up a struggle, Gemerl is somewhat of a casualty as Eggman pulls him into his mech. So far, while there is a stalemate, the heroes are not doing well. There is only one person who can help and thats Sonic.

Ah, Sonic... or should we call him Mister Needlemouse... is in the Sol Dimension, so the heroes have to do it alone. There is a bit of progress when Tails, with Rouge's help, hacks into Eggman's mech and Omega starts to try and free himself only for Eggman to take back control ASAP!

Over in the Sol Dimension, after Sonic/Mr. Needlemouse returns from a run, Blaze, in an attempt to cure Sonic's amnesia, brings out the Sol Emeralds and turns into Burning Blaze. This causes Sonic to get his memories back and Blaze returns him home in time to defeat Eggman.

After the doctor retreats, Sonic has a heartwarming reunion with his friends before helping them clean up the mess from Eggman's attack. Following that, Sonic races off to go find some adventure as the issue ends.

Final Thoughts:

Ian's last issue as head writer for the time being is amazing, it had lots of good moments and a really epic battle with Eggman. After 32 issues and two years, IDW Sonic has become a big success in the franchise and is the best up there with Archie Sonic.

With the Metal Virus saga behind us and Ian stepping away for now, its time for more adventures as Evan Stanley takes the reins as lead writer. Lets see what she has in store.

Bye yall.

-James M

A to Z Poetry: 4 a.m. fragments


4 a.m. fragments

He yells, 

awakening me from sleep

I'm  fighting a war, saving the world.

He won't remember when he wakes

the glorious battle he fought in the deep.

Did the hero win?

Hubby mumbles and nudges me

waking me once again. 

The cell phone dings and we

 can't ignore the beep or blip or ring,

no matter where or when.

 Even with my glasses, too bleary eyed to read.

It's not an emergency.

It's nothing, I say, 

 just the stupid phone with a mind of its own.

Gracie nudged me in the  back 

purring like a tribble.

Images of Star Trek space battles 

coalesce and thoughts start to roam 

from here to there and everywhere. 

Who'd let the damn cat in?

 Unable to sleep, I rise to write  

and characters interject, telling me what to say.

I give in and let them guide the pen.

The story works when I get out of their way.

When all is said and done, 

tired, yet wired, 

It's time to begin my day.

Guest Post -James M's review of IDW Sonic Issue 31


Part two of the Metal Virus Saga Aftermath Arc is upon us and boy its good.

Enough dilly dallying, lets get into the plot... skipping the recap.

Following the events of issue 30, Sonic is in Blaze's world and he's somewhat got amnesia. In fact, he and Blaze are having tea in Blaze's palace with Blaze wondering what's happening with Sonic and the blue hedgehog seems to be flirting with the fire cat. Welcome back Casanova Sonic, we have not seen anything romantic from you since sometime before the Archie Sonic series rebooted.

ARGH, curse SEGA's restrictions combined with Ian Flynn's dislike of shipping wars.

Moving along back to Sonic's world, everyone is recovering and cleaning up from the Metal Virus War. Amy's struggling with the Restoration while thinking about the old days when she chased Sonic before deciding to make Jewel the new leader of the Restoration.

Elsewhere, Tails and Tangle are assisting the newly returned to normal Rough and Tumble, the Skunk Bros, in escaping a refuse pit they ended up in at the start of the metal virus saga during year two. Instead of being nice, the skunks run off. On the Chaotix front, the Chaotix are busy with clean up as well when Vanilla and Cream show up. BTW, Ian Flynn did a great job, Vector and Vanilla actually flirt a little bit... for the first time since the last episodes of Sonic X. Whoa!*

*Update: SEGA actually asked Ian to include a Vector x Vanilla moment and he was going to do it anyway, Mr. Flynn confirmed it in a Bumblekast episode.

Far off, Rouge finds Shadow brooding to himself and talks to him, trying to invite him to a party obviously meant to celebrate the end of the metal virus saga. Shadow's actually thinking about what happened during the Crisis City two-parter, specifically, him getting infected due to his arrogance.*

Side note: Months ago, when Ian was asked a question about Shadow's behavior during a Bumblekast episode, he said that he had a specific moment planned which he hoped SEGA would approve. Just days prior to this issue's release, he in said that the Shadow moment would be in issue 31, it may not be what he planned it to be but he got the moment in nonetheless.

On the villains front, Starline is at one of Eggman's old bases and, amazingly, he still likes Eggman and wishes to help him rule the world. At Doctor Eggman's current base, the doctor has Omega in his custody and has just finished putting him back together and plans on using him against Sonic.

Finally we come to Spiral Hill Village where everybody, Sonic's friends without Shadow, are celebrating their victory over the Metal Virus. Everything's all fine and dandy (even without Sonic in the area) when Doctor Eggman arrives to attack in his new mech, ending the issue...


This issue, like the others, was a blast to read and Ian Flynn does a phenomenal job even though most of the fans haven't gotten what they wanted yet i.e. the Freedom Fighters showing up.

Either way, the comic is a success and all is well!

-James. M!