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Writerly Wednesday: conciously unconscious writing

Fascinating!  I'm reading Dorothea Brande's Becoming a Writer which was first published in 1934. Now I think I know where Julia Cameron got her idea for morning pages.  As we all know, in order to be a writer, we must write.   Brande says:

You must reach the unconscious to flow into the channel of writing.  Psychologists will forgive us for speaking so airily about 'teaching' the unconscious to do this or that.  To all intents and purposes that is what happens; but less elegantly and more exactly we might say that the first step toward being a writer it to hitch your unconscious mind to your writing arm.
She recommends rising early, half an hour or even an hour and without doing anything else, write. Write anything that comes to mind. Then the next morning, do it again without reading what you wrote the day before.  This basic exercise is training you to write.  After a while, increase your output by a few more sentences, a paragraph or two.  And soon, writing will becom…

Writing and reading To Do list for the week

Grades for our first semester have been turned in, lessons planned for the week, laundry almost done, groceries have been put away and pork chops are cooking in the oven.  The guys are watching The Fall of Berlin and I have a few minutes to breath and think, plan out my to do list for the week.  

Writing  and reading wise, Ray Bradbury put a fire under my butt,  I'm instituting my Bradbury Book Camp for Writers goals which should prove interesting and hopefully not futile. 

My plan for this week is

Writing Wise:

1)  Write 500 - 1000 words a day, whether it is journal, prompts, blog, or creative writing class assignments which includes 

POV Exercise for Method and Madness:  Write a scene 3 different ways in 1st, 2nd and 3rd person omniscient.Vein of Gold -  Chapter One Kingdom of Story:  work on narrative timeline a bit everyday.F2K - Write up bio for introduction 2)  1 hour of editing a day on Eyes in the Ashes 

Reading Wise

52 Books Readalong:   History of the Medieval World  - Read…

Ray Bradbury's Book Camp for Writers Training Program

Just finished reading Ray Bradbury's writing essays from his Zen in the Art of Writing and feel like I have been given my marching orders for Bradbury's Book Camp for Writers.  Zen is a short but powerful book and lights a fire under you with his passion and zest for life and writing.  There are so many snippets I underlined and wrote down, it is hard to know where to start.

Everything you have ever experienced in life goes into your subconscious as food for your muse.  How do you tap into that food to help you grow as a writer. Bradbury kept a book full of lists of nouns; words that reminded him of experiences. He'd refer to the list and a word or collection of words would spark an idea such as the ones that lead him to write Something Wicked This Way Comes:
The lake. The Night. The Crickets. The Ravine.  The Attic.  The Basement.  The Trapdoor. The Baby.  The Crowd.  The Night Train. The Fog Horn. The Scythe. The Carnival. The Carousel. The Dwarf. The Mirror Maze. The S…

2015 Reading Plans

As we all know, reading plans as well as buying bans often go astray.  I have more than enough books in my stacks, that I could probably get away without buys any new books this year at all.  *gasp* The horror!  Excuse me while I have heart palpitations.   

Okay. I came up with some Author Flavors of the Month and Reading Themes over on 52 Books purely for selfish reasons.  I have those authors on my shelves and need incentive to read them.  The little shelfie above will change in a month or so and it doesn't matter whether those particular books have been read or not.  It will depend on my mood.  Yep, I'm a big mood reader. However, I am in the mood at this point of the year for stories that challenge me a bit more than just paranormal or urban fantasies. My fall back books when I'm stressed or bummed.   But I also realize I have eyes/stomach syndrome so giving myself a break by going with 3/5/15.   I've been perusing the shelves and discovered I have many, many nonfic…

Writing goals for 2015

Hello again!   I've cleared out the weeds on my blog, given it a fresh coat of paint, remodeled and turned on the lights. Come on in and make yourself at home, take off your shoes and have a seat. Curl up in one of the overstuffed chairs and have a cup of tea, or espresso if you'd prefer.  Hubby likes to roast his own coffee beans.

Alright, let's move forward, up those stairs and set some goals that are possible and flexible with  maintainable habits that are measurable and not impossible.

I'm currently working on finally completing Eyes in the Ashes, a story I started during Nanowrimo a few years back.  At least I'm persistent. My son would prefer I work on a new story involving a retired FBI agent and a bikini babe, but alas, he will have to wait.  An idea I had, not the bikini babe, but about the agent has been percolating in the back of my brain.  However, he has made an appearance and wormed his way into EitA, which actually helped move the story from A t…

A New Year / A New Day / A New Way

Yes, it's that time. A new day in a new year and time to think, dream, ponder, consider when and how and where life will take us this year. I've been contemplating the one word thing mentioned here and there.  One word to focus on for the entire period of 365 days that will guide you throughout. How can something so simple be so hard.  After going back and forth, coming up with intent, pursue, perceive, deliberate, purpose, and all the synonyms that go with these words, decided I need more than one word, a sentence, heck, a whole paragraph to focus on.  And how do I come up with a word that will not only guide me, but help me guide my son and my husband.   Our life is way too eclectic to narrow it all down to one word.  It would be too limiting and I've never really cared for labels.  

Then I came across Vance Havner's quote and my imagination took off:

The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps - we must step up the stairs. We…