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Merry Christmas

Life is like a box of ChocolatesMerry Christmas to one and all.I have time to breath now.My final is over, the Christmas shopping is done, except for the out of town folks, who will receive their gifts after Christmas and friends who will be dropping by during the holidays.Okay, so Christmas shopping isn’t done.Look’s like I’ll be braving it with the rest of the folks at Borders this afternoon, before grocery shopping. We have closed the shop and Father is off through Wednesday for a well deserved break.Yesterday, we drove up to Los Altos and had an early Christmas celebration with part of Father’s family.We had a delightful time and Father had fun instigating a round of who can take the best close up picture of nostrils.James cousin came in first.The joy of digital cameras.Grandma M is a wonderful cook and we feasted on beef tenderloin, scalloped potatoes and ginger carrots and english pudding.James and his cousin had fun and she introduced him to webkinz.I’ll be taking a tour of the…

Hey! Where did the time go?

Hey! Where did the time go?

Wow, it's two weeks before Christmas and I have accomplished ----- nothing. We did managed to go out last night and buy a Christmas Tree. That was quite an experience. The two places we normally go are no longer there and we ended up going to a local nursery. Beautiful tree - which you'll see after its decorated, but one of the most expensive we have ever bought. Now I just have to figure out how to keep Luna from climbing in it.

James is anxious to go Christmas shopping and I am starting on my lists of what to get people, figuring out what to buy before we hit the stores. Otherwise we will be wandering aimlessly and buying for ourselves. is my friend.

Christmas Cards? Hah! Bah Humbug!

What have we been doing? you ask.

We cleaned out the garage in anticipation of getting the new garage door only to find that because we want a brown one, it is special order. The door guy said they would need 7 feet of clearance into the gara…
This morning's excitement!

"Hey mom, why is the trash in the street? James asks from the living room. Huh! I say, from the kitchen, deep in the middle of writing. He repeats twice and I go to look. Through the morning glories I see a pile o trash. We go outside to this sight. The garbage man is no where to be seen, but one of the neighbors suggest we move the car. Someone from down the street and around the corner had placed fire place ashes in the trash this morning. According to the county guy who got there pretty quickly, the driver is supposed to pull off a main thorough fair and into a side street. Ours was the closest. Lucky us.

They dumped the whole thing in the court, spray and sifted, made sure the fire was out. Reminder to self: Never stand downwind of a burnt garbage truck and smelly garbage.

The county guy said they would send someone out tomorrow to pick up our trash. Neighbor reminded him that our court has jillions of cars driving through to look at chris…

is hosting this week's fun monday

and it is a redux of our favorite posts.

Since most of us participated in Nablopomo and we are exhausted, I wanted to make this one easy. Since it’s December and most of us are starting to decorate and make things colorful, I too wanted to make things colorful. And lastly, because we are bloggers and consider what we post to be down right hilarious or informative or brainy and we like to showcase ourselves, I wanted to let you do just that!Take a moment in this last month of 2007 to reflect on the past year. Okay? Done? Now…In honor of exhaustion, color and self-love, I present you with this week’s assignment. I want you to dig through your blog files and show us your best effort. Why you consider it your best is up to you. C’mon, you know you have a favorite - show it to me one more time.

All I can say is Thank you for something easy after just completing nanowrimo. I lied and can't leave my story alone. I keep adding to it, not rea…