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TA DA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday Salon: Coming down to the wire with Nanowrimo

Fine food, fine wine and a fine family. What else can you ask for.   Maybe a giggle or two or three. 

Hello, I'm still alive.  Coming down to the finish line with National Novel Writing Month and sitting at 46,420 words.  Will hopefully hit 50,000 tomorrow, however "Red Thief"  will not be finished. There are about another 25,000 words floating around in my brain to get it from here to there.  My internal editor has been screaming at me the past couple days.  I had to let him out long enough to write my class papers and then stuff him back in the box again.

However, he managed to get a few words in edgewise giving me some Aha, that would sound better, moments.  I have to keep making notes because it's evolving a bit differently than expected.  Just as soon as I finish a scene, the characters then change their minds in which direction they want to go, taking me in a slightly different direction.  Which just means I either go back and change the scene or  type up the sce…

Words, words, words.

Hello, my darlings. How are you?  Me. I've been busy. November always turns into a busy month for some reason.  I'm plugging away on "Red Thief and managing to just barely keep up with the daily nano goal.  But it is all worth the ride right now because I am loving my characters and the story is unfolding a bit at a time.  I know it is the right story to do right now because it sits in the back of my mind at all times, bits and pieces coming to me while I'm in the midst of doing other things.   David Baldacci said something similar at the Bouchercon convention.  He's constantly writing, even when he isn't.  The story is always in the back of his mind.  "Eyes in the Ashes" was like pulling teeth and the characters hid and I had to really stretch to finish that story.   I may have 50,000 words by the end of November, but doubt the story will be done.  And since I write the story in longhand, trying to keep up by typing my output daily but you know, som…

Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton

Tyger Tyger


Kersten Hamilton

Back Cover:  Teagon Wylltson thinks her best friend, Abby, is joking.  But Abby swears that she's psychic.  And she's dreamed that horrifying creatures--goblins, shape-shifters, shadows, and beings of unearthly beauty but terrible cruelty--are hunting her friend.  Abby is always coming up with crazy stuff, though, so Teagan isn't worried.  Her life isn't in danger.  In fact, it's perfect. She's on track for a college scholarship. she has a great job.  She's focused on school, work, and her future.  No boys, no heartaches, no problems.  Until Finn Mac Cumhaill arrives.
Finn's a bit on the unearthly beautiful side himself.  He has a killer accent and a knee-weakening smile. And either he's crazy or he's been haunting Abby's dreams, because he's talking about Goblins too...  And about being The Mac Cumhaill, born to fight all goblin-kind.  Finn has survived alone on the streets since he was twelve, so he knows a …

Sunday Salon: Nanowrimo and distractions

The woman in the picture, standing on the pier, looking off into space. This is me, this saturday evening as I sit, think, ponder and work on my Nanowrimo novel. Bit of random things flow through your head sometimes as you write and you don't know whether it's you, your subconscious or one of your make believe characters creating spillage in your brain. Writing is an interesting process. There is are two quotes which says it all

"There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein."  ~Walter Wellesley "Red" Smith

"Ink and paper are sometimes passionate lovers, oftentimes brother and sister, and occasionally mortal enemies." ~Terri Sometimes it flows and other times it is like pulling teeth.  During the times you feel like pulling teeth, is when the distractions win and earn your attention.  The new computer became a big distraction, then decluttering became a favorite past time, and wandering ab…

2010 Reviewing Policy

2010  Review Policy
The majority of books I read and review on My Two Blessings are books I purchased for my own personal enjoyment.  The remainder of the books are review requests and advanced reader copies.  I generally will not mention who I received the books from unless they are review requests or arc's from authors, publishers or distributors.

I am open to review requests from all sources and if you would like to send me a book to review please contact me by email: rlmccormack59(at)gmail(dot)com.

I read a mixture of young adult and adult main stream and christian fiction genres including but not limited to:

Historical Fiction
Paranormal Romance
Romantic Suspense
Science Fiction and Fantasy
Thrillers and Suspense

I don't read nonfiction, self help books or poetry nor do I like true to life, tear jerker stories or stories involving child abuse. Rarely do I read horror but there are exceptions. Please see the list of books I'm …