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Books Read 2008

TITLEAuthor1The Mercenary (The Men of T-Flac, Book 1)Adair, Cherry2Kiss and Tell -Men of T-FLAC:The Wrights #2 Adair, Cherry3Hide and Seek- Men of T-FLAC: The Wrights #3Adair, Cherry4In Too Deep- Men of T-FLAC: The Wrights # 4 Adair, Cherry5Out of Sight - Men of T-FLAC: The Wrights # 5Adair, Cherry6On Thin Ice- The Men of T-FLAC: The Wrights #6Adair, Cherry7Hot Ice - Men of T-FLAC # 7Adair, Cherry8Edge of Danger- en of T-FLAC: Edge Brothers #8 Adair, Cherry9Edge of Fear-Men of T-FLAC:Edge Brothers # 9Adair, Cherry10Edge of Darkness-Men of T-FLAC:Edge brothers 10Adair, Cherry11White Heat - Men of T-Flac, Book 11)Adair, Cherry12False ImpressionArcher, Jeffrey13Blood Ties (Julie Collins Series #1)Armstrong, Lori 14Hallowed Ground (Julie Collins Series #2)Armstrong, Lori 15Shallow Grave (Julie Collins Series #3)Armstrong, Lori 16Snow Blind (PI Julie Collins series #4)Armstrong, Lori