Wednesday wrap up and wanderings

Welcome to my Wednesdays wanderings - kind of a Sunday salon in the middle of the week. My Sunday Salon turned into a quasi review of The Appeal and I had a bunch of stuff to talk about too. The rest of the week is going to be busy with writing my Nobel Literature final essays and 3 days of webelos twilight day camp thing for James.   

I seem to be on a roll and averaging 13 to 15 books a month now. During the month of May I read:

1. Moonlight Road - Robyn Carr
2. Certain Prey - John Sandford (TLC Tour Review book)
3. The Magic Mountain - Thomas Mann (class book)
4. Running Hot - Jayne Ann Krenz
5. The Killing of Mindy Quintana - Jeffrey Cohen (TLC tour review book)
6. First Comes Marriage - Debbie Macomber
7. Dead and Gone - Charlaine Harris
8. Black Water Rising - Attica Lock (TLC Tour Review book)
9. Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment - James Patterson
10. Servant: The Kindred - L.L. Foster
11. Sudden Death - Allison Brennan
12. Fatal Tide - Iris Johansen
13. The Silent Cry - Kenzaburo Oe (class book)
14. The Sinner - Tess Gerritsen
15. Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury

James Patterson is starting to grow on me.  I really enjoyed his young adult paranormal book Maximum Ride: the Angel Experiment and actually just finished the 2nd book in the series Schools Out-Forever.   Looking forward to reading the other books in the series.    Both Father and I read Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.  Excellent story and makes you think and made for some interesting discussion.  I'll be reviewing it soon and trying to talk father into writing up his thoughts as well.   Other books that will be coming up for review soon will be:  Burn by Ted Dekker  and  Mr. Darcy Broke My Heart by Beth Pattillo.

I've joined a group of bloggers who are collaborating together to read Science Fiction and Fantasy Masterworks starting in July.  We'll each be reading at least one book a month and reviewing it on the group website.  The website is under construction and will be going live in July so will keep you up to date.

Works beautifully with my Mind Voyages challenge so not creating any extra work.  Yet!    I'm still haven't read any of the Hugo nominees (my bad) and  I have until July 31st to finish and place my vote for best novel, etc.   

I totally missed out going to BEA since it was in New York and am looking forward to going next year.    However, Boucheron, the world mystery convention is coming to my side of the country this year and I'm seriously considering going.  "Boucheron by the Bay"  will be held in San Francisco from October 14th to the 17th. 

I really don't like going to these things alone unless I'm working so checking into being a volunteer.    There are a few authors going whose books I haven't read yet, even though I have them, so looks like this summer will be a fun one with a mixture of reading science fiction and mysteries with a few paranormal and romances thrown in for good measure.

We have six more weeks of lessons and James will be done with the 4th grade. I've already researched and ordered everything we are doing for 5th grade.   Will post about that later.   James is enjoying writing fan fiction stories mixing up Mario and Bionicles and transformers, etc.   He has about 10 notebooks full of stories.  He decided no more reading together in the evening when he goes to bed, because he'd rather write.  I'm not about to squash his creativity so planning reading time for the middle of the day.  We were looking at his latest story last night and I'm impressed.  Once in a while I'll read his stuff and give him a word of advice  - watch your spelling, include some adjectives, you need a bit more description.   He's been listening.   He also wants to start a blog "Bowser Jr.'s Fan Fiction" and post his stories.  Now he just needs to learn to type.

What's on the nightstand to read next:  M.J. Rose's The Reincarnationist, Sandra Brown's Rainwater, Susan Gottfried's Shapeshifter 1 and 2, and Robert Heinlein's The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Happy Reading!


  1. You could win a Meet & Greet with a Random House author, just take this 5 question quiz, and WIN!

  2. I will be going to BEA next year too, I'm in the process of moving and the timing didn't work this year.

    I just blogged about my 2010 reading progress, I have read 20 books all year (and about 15 audio), reading 7 over two trips. I am hoping to find a little more time to relax and read come fall.

    Congratulations on a successful May!

  3. You're having great reading months!! I look forward to the summer because then I can get a lot of reading and catching up done while off school. We have a few review books in common coming up...Burn and Mr. Darcy hope we enjoy them!

  4. I'm impressed with your list! My friend used to be in James Patterson's writing group. Crazy, huh? Good luck with the rest of your reading and wrapping up those 6 weeks of lessons!

  5. YOu should definitely go to Boucheron -- I've always wanted to go, but for some reason never did. Book events are so inspiring and lots of fun.

  6. We just got in FANG, James Patterson's latest in the Maximum Ride series...I think. My two youngest are addicted to the series. I haven't read them yet.


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