BW29: Fall of the Evening Star

It's book week 29 in our 52 Books quest and highlighting Kenneth Patchen. 

I bookmark things on my computer, buy cards with unique sayings, add books to my wishlist and I'll come across them later and wonder what was I thinking. What struck me at the time and why did I save it? This poem is one of those saved and forgotten. I was going through bookmarks, deleting those I don't use anymore and found it. Don't know when I bookmarked it, but I'm glad I found it again. Love the imagery. Reminds me of reading and rereading stories and getting something completely different out of them versus the first time. Sigh! So lovely.

Fall of the Evening Star


Kenneth Patchen

Speak softly; sun going down

Out of sight. Come near me now.

Dear dying fall of wings as birds

complain against the gathering dark...

Exaggerate the green blood in grass;

the music of leaves scraping space;

Multiply the stillness by one sound;

by one syllable of your name...

And all that is little is soon giant,

all that is rare grows in common beauty

To rest with my mouth on your mouth

as somewhere a star falls

And the earth takes it softly, in natural love...

Exactly as we take each other...

and go to sleep...

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