James M's review of IDW Sonic issues 57-58


Finally back, just in time for IDW Sonic issue 59 releasing, to review issues 57 and 58 of the IDW Sonic run as it covers the Urban Warfare arc. Issue 57 sees Sonic go into Eggman's city with Tangle, Whisper and Lanolin the Sheep on a mission to take it down and things go south when the girls wind up in some pocket dimension and Sonic has trouble facing Eggman's robots, leading into issue 58 where he teams up with Tails and Amy and then they team up with Silver and Blaze while the other girls work out how to get out of their current predicament. And then, Shadow, Rouge and Omega show up to trash Eggman's forces. 

The complete Team Dark is back!

Both issues are extremely good and Shadow appearing after so long is also welcome, what makes his return more welcome is that Evan Stanley took to Tumblr to confirm that SEGA has dialed back their restrictions and gave the IDW team "clearer and more workable guidelines". 

And this is when Shadow has a prominent role in the new Sonic Prime show, despite not appearing much in the first eight episodes of the series. The future of Sonic looks promising, especially with the characters returning to their former glory, even though some folks have doubts Shadow will be portrayed the way we expect him to be portrayed despite Evan's assurance that things have cleared up.

9/10, IDW is really nailing it and their Sonic comic licensed by SEGA is super cool! Plus, this series is getting closer to 75 issues and will make it to 100 within a few years. Sonic is truly back on the map with a successful game, a good TV show, a great comic series and a successful film franchise and its all thanks to the first Sonic film that dropped in 2020, giving all sides of Sonic the boost they need. 

These issues have superb art and real cool writing from Ian Flynn, who steps aside to let Evan write the rest, mostly due to Shadow's presence in the story and the fact Ian is likely suffering issue 19 trauma.

See ya later, folks!