Guest Post -IDW Sonic Issue 47 review

More IDW Sonic goodness is here as Christmas looms. The three part camping story is at an end and Evan Stanley wrapped it up nicely with no interference from SEGA/Sonic Team to hold her back. The forest fire plot was taken care of without issue and the girls are safe, but now we have a new story before Issue 50 coming up and it apparently involves the Chaotix.

Evan Stanley writes masterfully and her art is the best of the best, IDW Sonic has provided some sweet writing and colorful art just like its successor Archie Sonic did in various degrees. Sonic's 2021 is coming to an end without anything crazy happening (Colors Ultimate aside) and his thirtieth anniversary has been very successful just like his previous anniversaries.

That's all I have to say, folks!

-James. M

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