Guest Post -James M's review of IDW Sonic issue 32

 Welcome back, Sonic fans. Well, this is it, 32 issues into IDW Sonic and we just went through a big arc. Not only that, but we've reached the end of Ian Flynn's run as head writer... for now. We've been through so much, now lets see how Ian's final (for now) issue in his IDW Sonic run goes.

Where we last left off, the heroes were beginning to throw a party to celebrate their victory over the Zombots when good old Doctor Ivo Eggman Robotnik launched in attack in a new mech powered by Omega. As the issue begins, Eggman declares himself the greatest party crasher in the history of party crashers and is delighted that all of Sonic's friends are gathered in one place so he can destroy them all.

The heroes launch an attack on the doctor and the battle is on with them putting up a struggle, Gemerl is somewhat of a casualty as Eggman pulls him into his mech. So far, while there is a stalemate, the heroes are not doing well. There is only one person who can help and thats Sonic.

Ah, Sonic... or should we call him Mister Needlemouse... is in the Sol Dimension, so the heroes have to do it alone. There is a bit of progress when Tails, with Rouge's help, hacks into Eggman's mech and Omega starts to try and free himself only for Eggman to take back control ASAP!

Over in the Sol Dimension, after Sonic/Mr. Needlemouse returns from a run, Blaze, in an attempt to cure Sonic's amnesia, brings out the Sol Emeralds and turns into Burning Blaze. This causes Sonic to get his memories back and Blaze returns him home in time to defeat Eggman.

After the doctor retreats, Sonic has a heartwarming reunion with his friends before helping them clean up the mess from Eggman's attack. Following that, Sonic races off to go find some adventure as the issue ends.

Final Thoughts:

Ian's last issue as head writer for the time being is amazing, it had lots of good moments and a really epic battle with Eggman. After 32 issues and two years, IDW Sonic has become a big success in the franchise and is the best up there with Archie Sonic.

With the Metal Virus saga behind us and Ian stepping away for now, its time for more adventures as Evan Stanley takes the reins as lead writer. Lets see what she has in store.

Bye yall.

-James M

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  1. Glad Ian had a good Sonic run even at IDW - but wait until you see his Bad Guys miniseries...

    The next arc is the Chao Races arc.


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