A to Z Poetry: 4 a.m. fragments


4 a.m. fragments

He yells, 

awakening me from sleep

I'm  fighting a war, saving the world.

He won't remember when he wakes

the glorious battle he fought in the deep.

Did the hero win?

Hubby mumbles and nudges me

waking me once again. 

The cell phone dings and we

 can't ignore the beep or blip or ring,

no matter where or when.

 Even with my glasses, too bleary eyed to read.

It's not an emergency.

It's nothing, I say, 

 just the stupid phone with a mind of its own.

Gracie nudged me in the  back 

purring like a tribble.

Images of Star Trek space battles 

coalesce and thoughts start to roam 

from here to there and everywhere. 

Who'd let the damn cat in?

 Unable to sleep, I rise to write  

and characters interject, telling me what to say.

I give in and let them guide the pen.

The story works when I get out of their way.

When all is said and done, 

tired, yet wired, 

It's time to begin my day.

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