Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Salon

I've been a part of Cherry Adair's Street Team for a few months and received a nice surprise in the mail yesterday. She sent everyone a beautiful coffee cup which I christened this morning with Earl Grey Tea.  I have enjoyed reading all her books and a couple years back won a stay at her guest house through Brenda Novak's Diabetes Auction.  Which is coming up again in May so be sure to mark it on your calendar.  It's been one of those weeks that it feels like nothing much is getting accomplished so receiving the cup made my day.

Reading wise, it's been great - I read three dusty books:  Sick by Brett Battles which was about an evil scientist unleashing a nasty virus in order to wipe out the majority of the world's population. Very scary thought and entirely possible.  Young Adult murder mystery Across the Universe by Beth Revis about a young girl frozen cryogenically with her parents and a group of people to populate a new planet and wakes 300 years later still on the ship. Plus a short but very dense fictional/  philosophical book  called Genesis by Bernard Beckett about a young woman  who wants to get into The Academy being questioned by 3 examiners.  Plus two ebooks - Widow's Web by Jennifer Estep (#7 in her Elemental Assassin paranormal romance) and the first book in the Black Knight series by Julie Walker Hell on Wheels.  No, I didn't watch any TV the past week.

What's on the nightstand for this week:  A Trial of Fallen Angels by James Kimmel and a chunkster by James Rollins - Black Order

I didn't get any writing or editing done and really have no excuse.  I let regular life interfere so my aim is to get up a few minutes earlier, take advantage of James study time and use it more wisely.  My goals remain the same for this week

1)  WIP: Review draft of Eyes in the Ashes, re-evaluate and detail what needs to be done. Have partial 3rd edit completed.
2)  Craft Study:  Read Chapter 2 while completing chapter 1 exercises of The Writer's Journey and apply them to main characters of Eyes.  
3)  ROW80 participants - visit all the two's.
4)  Morning pages:  continue with Jesus calling and Write Brain workbook.
5) Adding in exercise goals since my knee has recovered and aim to do the treadmill for at least 30 minutes 4 times this week.  I'll have to build back up to an hour again since taken so long a break from it. 

Over on 52 books, it's week 4 and highlighting book #5 in Susan Wise Bauer's Well Educated Mind -  Charles Dicken's Oliver Twist.  Since his birthday is February 7th, I'm declaring February Read a Dicken's month and will shoot for reading Oliver Twist again.  I failed last year and hope to be more successful this year. 

Off to plan lessons for this week.  Happy Reading!