The Trial of Fallen Angels - James Kimmel Jr.

 Synopsis: "Brek Cuttler has it all: a husband she loves, a daughter she adores, a successful law practice. And then one day everything she has ever known disappears. Brek finds herself standing on a deserted train platform, covered in blood. As she tries to comprehend what is happening to her, a man from her past approaches and explains that she has been chosen to join the elite team of lawyers charged with prosecuting and defending souls at the Final Judgment.

As Brek struggles to find her way back to her husband and daughter, she will discover that her first client holds the shocking secret of her fate. That seemingly disparate events during her life have conspired to bring her to a single moment in time that will determine her eternity. And that every act of kindness and cruelty sets in motion things beyond our wildest imaginations."

Kimmel has created an imaginative story in The Trial of Fallen Angels.  A woman dies and ends up in a place called Shemaya which is the equivalent it seems of a fictitious court in heaven and is put in the position of representing her own murderer.  It's an interesting book going back forth in time periods covering what at first looks like individuals who all end up somehow being related activity and family wise.  It gets into philosophy, religion, good versus bad, forgiveness, Germany and Auschwitz. It is very intense. 

Released:  November 8, 2012
Pages:  372
Setting: Fictional Shemaya
Challenge: What's in a Name
Rating: 3.5
YTD: 5


  1. This sounds rather intense, and very different than most of the books out there. I am very intrigued by your review, and am going to have to look this one up and see what I think of it. Greatly captivating review today, Robin!

  2. Sounds different but interesting.

    I am loving the redesign of the blog!!!

    1. Thank you, my dear! I'm loving the reply button. LOL!

  3. I was really taken in by this one.


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