Homeschool Weekly Report

Studied James 4:8
Come Close to God. Then he will come close to you.

Pledging our Allegiance. Studying in depth the second sentence in the OUR FATHER.

"Your Kingdom Come"

and what allegiance means.

Finished Unit 3
Minuends through 10

Completed Lesson 16
Adding ing

Completed Unit 1
Lesson 16 and 17

James and Father read about Radioactivity and discussed.

On Wednesday, lessons didn't get done because Tuesday night the check engine light went on in my car. I took in it at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday and sat around the waiting room for almost two and half hours until they came out to tell me the O2 sensor was bad and needed to be replaced to the tune of $300.00 This just happened to be something that was missed a month ago when I had almost $2000.00 worth of work done on the car because the radiator sprung a leak and numerous other maintenance issues - all legitimate had to be dealt with. So I waited another 1 1/2 hours while they did the work. Fortunately I had brought "Hood" by Stephen Lawhead with me and enjoyed reading, while waiting. I got home about 1:45 and Father took off for work at 2:00. I cleaned out two pumpkins and carved faces in them. We had an early dinner and waited for it to get dark so James could go out trick or treating. Father arrived home at 7:30 and out we went.

James dressed as Superman and every one got a big kick out of outfit. We went to the houses we knew in the neighbor and were done in about an hour. Returned home and watched "It's a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" while handing out candy to trick or treaters. They stopped coming around 8:30 and we blew out the candles in the pumkins, closed the gate and turned off the lights. Finally got James into bed around 9:30, but of course, he was wired from all the excitement. I'm not quite sure when he fell asleep, but I dropped into bed around 11:30.

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  1. Congrats on your word count so far. We're both doing great! Lets try to keep it going.


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