Writing Life: Excerpt from WIP One

Excerpt from  WIP-1

"The sunlight filtered through the curtains, chasing away the shadows in the room. Samantha’s 6 month old kitten watched the dust motes floating in the stream of sunlight with interest. After a couple minutes, she started swatting at the dust. When she grew weary of playing with the dust motes, she climbed up to the pillow and gently prodded at Samantha’s head which was barely showing beneath the covers.
Samantha burrowed into the comforter, deep asleep in the midst of a dream. Chloe curled up beside her and went back to sleep.
In her dream, she watched as colorful leaves of yellow, orange, purple and brown swirled through the air, the trees rustling in the wind. One multiple colored leaf came in to view as it floated on the currents of the wind, back and forth until it landed in a fast moving stream. The stream carrying the leaf, bobbing up and down in the water, flowing here and there with the currents. The leaf went over a mini waterfall into a pond, pushed by the currents to the middle of the pond where the water was still. The leaf bobbed gently up and down in the water before coming to a complete stop. It floated in the middle of the pond, the still water holding it in a watery embrace for a long time, floating on the surface. Suddenly, a rock was thrown into the water by an unseen force; whether a bird dropped it or a person threw it, she couldn’t tell. The ripples of the water moved the leaf over near the other side of the pond. A hand reached down and picked up the leaf, cupping it in the palm and watching as it dried. The leaf was lifted and thrown back up into the air and caught by the currents of the wind. It flew higher and higher disappearing into the sun filled sky. A voice said “I will catch you when you fall.”

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