Family Life - Morning Glory

Morning Glory

We were snug in our bed when Luna gave us a stinky wake up call around 6:30. I moved the litter box out of the room, sprayed with room deodorizer and left my husband trying to go back to sleep. I sleepily puttered about the kitchen preparing my breakfast. When I sat down to eat, glanced out to the window to see:

Thank you God for early wake up calls that allow me to witness the glory of the sun rising and the beautiful picture you painted just for me.


  1. What wonderul pictures! Thanks for sharing Gods Blessings. *Ü*


  2. Beautiful pictures. Wow.

    You are already over 30,000 words? Wow!

  3. Awesome photos. Sometimes we see things when we least expect to, like when we expect to be sleeping.

  4. He's my favorite artist:o)

    Jo and I are trying to convince Na to rename "The Stray" Luna. I think it's a lovely name and most of the other kitties have Spanish names. Na says she wants a "normal" name for once.


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