Writing Life: Story progress

I have been diligently getting up every morning between 6:30 to 7:00 and working on the story until 10:00. Characters and story lines keep changing as the writing proceeds. Initially the love interest, Adam was going to be a 4th grade teacher, new to the area. He has morphed into a sculptor and the brother of Father Andrew and Sister Mary Margaret. Father thinks I should change his name. I need a good name that reflects a sculptor - and matches the picture of his character.

My imaginary curriculum has changed to real classical since I discovered several real catholic churches and especially one in Texas who are actually used Well Trained Mind and all its recommendations including story of the world to teach the students. I will actually base the class on that and might change the titles, I don't know. They say, write what you know.

I finally finished the first day in my characters story and tomorrow, we will see what that brings. It is the week before school and has meetings with all the parents of her kids. I was thinking about it on the way home and this is really going to turn into a long term project. I may have 50000 words by the end of November, but doubt I will be near the end of the story. Have never considered myself a writer, but guess what - I'm writing a novel. Not just a story, a novel. I'm have surprised myself, Father too. He has enjoyed reading what I have written so far and has been giving helpful feedback and descriptions when I am at a loss on how to write something.

Another Excerpt from "Floating on the Surface:

At the end of the service, Father Johnson made a few announcements, then made what Samantha thought were puzzling statements. “I have some messages that I have been asked, practically pestered about” he said with a smile, “that I need to pass on. He was quite insistent about it and very nearly distracted me from my sermon. Henrietta? Where are you?
A young woman who looked to be in her late twenties stood up. “Here I am Father, what is it? She asked with a puzzled expression.
“The answer – He says not yet, be patient. It will happen.”
The girl looked at him a moment or two. Then something suddenly dawned on her and she said “OH!” in a surprised voice. “You mean! Uh! Okay! Thank you,” and quickly sat down, red faced. Samantha saw her mouth I’ll tell you later to the man sitting next to her. “Samantha!
Samantha was very surprised to hear her name called and thought is was someone else in the service, who had the same name. It couldn’t possibly be her. She looked at Sandy and Danni and the boys started giggling. “Does he mean me?” she asked.
“Samantha? She must be a visitor because I don’t recall knowing any Samantha’s. I hope you are here. Would you please stand up?
Sandi made a gesture with her hand motioning for her to stand up. “He does mean you! Stand up” she whispered. Samantha stood up slowly, very perplexed and the people around her stifled laughter at her expression.
“Um, Hello Father, I’m Samantha.”
“Oh, there you are. Thank goodness. Come see me after the service, dear.” The parishioners let out a collective groan as they were all quite curious what message Father had for her and now weren’t going to get to know.
She said “yes, sir” and sat down. “Do you have any idea what that is about? she asked the two ladies. Sandi and Danni both shrugged their shoulders, while the boys continued to giggle and whispered a chant “You got a message, You got a message.” Sandi gave the boys a stern look and told them to be quiet and said “Don’t have a clue, but we’ll find out in a few minutes.”
The closing song began and Samantha recognized it right away. It was On Eagles wings. I love this song, she thought as she sang the words to the refrain
‘and He will raise you up on eagle’s wings, bear you on the breath of dawn, make you to shine line the son, and hold you in the palm of his hand.’
The song suddenly took on a whole new meaning after her dream. Once father Johnson exited the church and the song ended, they filed out of the pew and went outside. Dannie introduced Samantha to Father Johnson.
“Ah, yes my dear. So nice to meet you. Proverbs! then just stood there silently look at her with an smile as if expecting her to completely understand.

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