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God is my muse !

This week we did formal lessons on Monday and Tuesday, then took the rest of the week off. In the scheme of things, this week falls on my 3 weeks on / 1 week off schedule, however since we are off next week for my birthday and the thanksgiving holiday, I decided to power through and do lesson. I had planned for the whole week but didn't accomplish that. Why not? you ask. Well, ideas for the story I am writing bloomed and I wrote pretty much non stop for a couple days. Oh, we stopped for meals and Mom, I need attention breaks.

I have a Fall season picture on my desktop from unityonline that is of a road leading into the countryside and it is lined with trees, the leaves have all turned color and leaves are strewn all over the place. The saying is " divine guidance directs me on my path. I am wise with the wisdom of spirit. I read that saying every day and every time I get onto my computer. I have to say God is my muse! Divine guidance is leading me and hopefully that will be reflected in the story.

I have meet the 50000 word mark - YEEHAW! But, am only halfway through the story. The goal of the story is to convert Samantha to Catholic and and a couple days ago I only had her about 15% of the way there. After thinking about it for a while, I realized she needed to be a lot closer in order for the story to progress and include much richer content, rather than her angst about where is going and what is she going to do. So instead of sending her to several different churches, there are backflashes of her telling about experiences she has had at different churches. So, I went back and fleshed out a bit more of the story, bringing her up to 75% of the way there, and the story made more sense.

Without giving away the whole story, suffice it so say, the two main characters are falling in love, but don't realize it yet. Have strong passionate feelings for each other, but won't be acting upon those feelings. He has made it clear they can not act on their passion outside of marriage and he can't marry anyone who isn't catholic. So, no pressure on her, right? LOL! The male lead made a choice between becoming a priest or doing he feels loves the most - sculpting.

My imagination has taken flight and I am really enjoying this. Luna has taken it upon herself to by my alarm clock and waking me up every morning at 6:30. So I am getting a lot done.

Excerpt from Floating on the Surface:

"First Kellie tells me about Proverbs, then Dad. Then, here’s an even more weird coincidence. I went with a couple friends over to the Episcopalian church and their priest, pastor, whatever they are called, comes to me after mass and says God wants you to read Proverbs.” Benjamin laughed and shook his head as she continued “If I hadn’t had the dream and Dad hadn’t said anything, I would have just taken him for a kook. But I couldn’t. I hadn’t read proverbs in forever, so had completely forgotten what it said. We went back to their house and read the first part about proverbs which explains it is for the instruction of wisdom. I felt like I was being hit in the middle of head with a two by four. So, what do you make of all this?” She asked.

“Well, number one, I think you need to study proverbs and I guess that is where I come in. There is something you should know.” He stood up and crouched before her taking both her hands in his. Resting his elbows on the bench he took a deep breath, hesitating. She looked at him, her eyes searching his face, perplexed. “What?” Suddenly she realized what he was going to say “Oh, don’t tell me. Do you have a message for me about proverbs as well?” He looked at her very intently, his eyes probing hers with great intensity. “You tell me. My theology dissertation…was an in depth study of the Books of Wisdom which includes Proverbs.”

Samantha’s jaw dropped and she drew in a ragged breath. She felt like she had just been punched in the stomach and tried to pull away her hands, but he was holding them firmly in his and wouldn’t let go, preventing her from moving.

She closed her eyes tightly and took several deep breaths. “Oh, for crying out loud, this is just, just… ” She could feel herself getting upset and felt like she was babbling and tried to form a coherent sentence. She absolutely hated being out of control and she was not in control of this, whatever it was.

“Samantha.” He shook one of her hands. “Samantha, look at me.”

She looked at him questioningly and shook her head, flustered and frowned “Why this? I just……”

“Shh. Shh. Take a deep breath and listen to me! Samantha looked at him and he was studying her very intently, still holding her hands tightly. “You are as white as a ghost, so just sit there and listen to me. This must have been what Kellie meant when she said you were searching. I thought she meant something else entirely,” he said sheepishly, as if he were trying to distract her. “But seriously, you asked for wisdom, prayed for wisdom and God is answering your prayers. What’s the saying ‘you better be careful what you pray for, because you will get it. Your prayers might not be answered in the way you expected and you have to be open to whatever answer God gives us.

The Holy Spirit moves in mysterious ways and it is not up to us to question, but to follow and learn. You are used to leading, being in control. Now it is God’s turn and He is impressing on your heart in a big way. However much you want to control this. You can’t.” His voice become more husky with the intensity of his words. “this, you, me, God, must be the reason he called me home. You asked for wisdom, baby, well HE is damn sure you are going to get it. While I was in France, I prayed to God for wisdom and asked Him to open my eyes to his will, to use me for his will! It says in Proverbs 27:17 Iron sharpeneth iron, so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.

I am here now because God wanted me to be here, In this place, at this time. He stopped, looking down a moment, took a deep breath and looked back up at her as if he had just realized something “I asked Him to use me,” he whispered and paused; then said “use me.”

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  1. Can I be the first to post... wow! Its sounds great! You sucked me right in.... way to go! Not just writing...

    Im in awe.... great job! Pretend im patting you on the back and giving you a hug!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and week ahead!



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