Homeschool Weekly Report

We are doing school light for the month of November while I am doing Nanowrimo. For more info on nano, scroll down below this post. This week we accomplished everything on our list, plus James enjoyed doing on the internet. Wonderful educational sight and he is improving his math skills with the Leon Math Stories.

Devotions: discussed love, wrote and memorized 1 Corinthian 13:8 Love Never Fails.

Lord Teach Me to Pray: Finished the section on Pledging our Allegiance and discussing the 2nd line in the Our Father.

English: Completed Lessons 17 and 18 Writing our Answers and Changing word order in making sentences.

Spelling: Completed Lesson 17 and learned all about Syllables. Besides completing the work book, on Daddy day had Father test him by having James write all the words and circle which ones had two syllables.

Math: He is in Unit 4 and working on basic facts, sums through 10

How to Write A Story: All about being creative and looking at pictures and seeing how many things you can think of when you look at a picture. Also modification, which was just basically doodling, which James never does. The task was to take a specific doodle shape out of the book and modify it. James created a feather out one doodle and in the process created some new brain cells. He had never doodled before and didn't think he could do it. He was quite pleased with himself.

Energy, Forces and Motion: he and Father read all about Nuclear Power and discussed it.

F.I.A.R: James and Father read Wee Gillis together and discussed. They looked up Scotland in the Encyclopedia. They also got into Blah,Blah,Blah conversations. In the story, it shows the adults in the story talking to other people, besides Wee Gillis but didn't include the conversations in the story. So Father decided to turn it into blah,blah,blah conversations. When I got home from work Thursday, instead of words, they were blah, blah,blahing with a lot of gestures. It was silly and fun


  1. Love the Blah, blah, blahing :)

    Wee Gillis was one of our favorite FIAR books ever.

  2. Oh ya! How is the writing coming? Do we get to read? *Ü*

    Great week by the way! Keep up the good work mom!


  3. My kids like to Blah, Blah, Blah too. :o) They were just doing it the other day. :O) LOL

    Looks like a wonderful full week for a "light" month. :o)



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