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Hi, Sonic lovers. I'M BACK!
Yeah, apologies for being gone, life was... busy. Anyways, time to review some Sonic comics. Starting with issue 68, the last main IDW Sonic issue before we shifted to a miniseries and back to the main comic. So what do I think of it?

Issue 68, featuring Sonic and Tails on a small quest where they bump into a large salamander while looking for a Chaos Emerald. In my opinion, it's a good, well-written issue with heartwarming moments and the dynamic between Sonic and Tails is heartfelt. They are a good duo, the Mario and Luigi of the Sonic series. 9.5/10. I should read that again soon, because I like reading past comics from time to time. Now, we get into the Fang miniseries....

Fang the Hunter #1-4 revolves around Fang, Bean and Bark, sometime before Sonic Adventure 1 (and it was confirmed that the Classic Sonic era is in the same timeline as the Modern Sonic era as SEGA has listened to fan criticism and is trying to make a unified universe), looking for the eighth Chaos Emerald while getting into some wacky stuff that culminates in a battle with the Hard-Boiled Heavies before Eggman recruits Fang to investigate a new island, setting up the events of Sonic Superstars. It was fun to read overall, and I enjoyed it just as everyone else did, and the appearance of a certain McGuffin from the main series was interesting. 10/10. I would love to see more Classic Sonic, at least until SEGA decides enough is enough.

Now we have Sonic issue 69, where we deal with some Sonic Riders-related fun as Clutch the Possum enacts a shady plan with Mimic, Surge, and Kit... and Eggman teams up with Sonic near the end. Not much to say, but that was super fun to look at. 9.8/10. As someone who played some Sonic Riders, specifically Zero Gravity, it was nice to see Riders get some love. The writing is real good, and the art looks decent. 

And just like that, we're all caught up.
See you around for more reviews!

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