April Reading Wrap Up


April Reading Wrap Up

Read nine books this month of which three were physical and the rest eBooks which meant slow progress with clearing my shelves.  The longest was David Brin's Earth at 704 pages and the shortest was Trisha Das's Never Meant to stay at 280 pages.  

I discovered reading science fiction / fantasy in physical book format at bedtime for some weird reason gives my brain something to think about and puts me to sleep. 

My bedtime read was David Brin's science fiction adventure - Earth - which I had read way back when it first came out so didn't remember much at all. Environmental scientific experimentation, an artificial black hole in the center of the earth caused by aliens, and all about survival.  (704) ****

Next I jumped into Christopher Paolini's 5th book in the Inheritance Cycle - Murtagh: Murtagh and his dragon /thorn are outcast, or so it seems, and jump from one fire into another in their adventures searching for a murderous witch. (688) ****

Continuing with the space theme during the daytime, read Elizabeth Bear's 2nd book in her White Space duology - Machine - all about space alien doctors, shipminds, mystery, deceit, trust, life, 495, e) ****

Then Naomi Novik's first book in her Temeraire series - His Majesty's Dragon, all about Captain Laurance who reluctantly bonded with the dragon Temeraire during the Napoleonic war and grew to love and trust him above all else.  May read the rest of the series at some point.  (384, 3) ***** 

Themes of grief pervaded my next few reads with 

Trisha Das's Never Meant to Stay, was set in Delhi, and all about Indian culture with a photographer who discovers  love, grief, family, and finding yourself,  280, e) ****

Then Namrata Patel's Candid Life of Meena Dave, set in Boston's back bay, all about an Indian  photographer who inherited part of Victorian brownstone apartment, amidst secrets, love, and searching for identity. (312, e)****

I just had to reread Julia Quinn's Romancing Mr. Bridgerton (480, e) before the netflix series, and dipped into Nora Roberts / J. D. Robb's Remember When / Big Jack which was # 17.5 in the In death series. (336)

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