Book four: Black Orchid Blues by Persia Walker


I finished Black Orchid Blues by a new to me author, Persia Walker last night.  I think I picked it up years ago at one of the book mystery conventions so it's been on my shelves for quite a while.  

I almost quit on this book twice, but each time it sucked me in a little bit more. As my son says, it was “cringe worthy”, moments of ick that I found offensive, but when you think about it, were minor compared to what the characters were going through. There were quite a few twists and turns, dumb decisions, and unexpected moments. Nor was there exactly a happy ending. More like a ‘maybe I’ll try a little bit more.’ Another book tuber made a comment the other day – Did I feel things? Yes, I felt things and found myself distancing myself emotionally from the characters and the action. It was unsettling and I really didn’t want to invest in the story, but I did. Am I glad I read the story? I don’t know.  I think I’m still processing. But when all is said and done, it was dark and disturbing.  

Has a lot of trigger issues: mental illness, child abuse, hermaphroditism, sadistic murders, kidnapping.  

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