James M's review of IDW Sonic issue 51 and 52

We're back, after holding off long enough, we're delving into the latest two issues of IDW Sonic from issue 51 to 52. Both of which unfold in the aftermath of issue 50 as we see Sonic, Tails and Belle try to escape from Doctor Eggman's sinister city of Eggtropolis. 

Through the writing of Ian Flynn and Evan Stanley, we see one heck of a suspenseful and intense story. 51 gets a 9.5 and 52 gets a 10, the writers do a really good job and Sonic's characterization is just fine aside from that 'Big Oof" moment that got the fandom up in a tizzy just like with how Shadow was portrayed thus far in the series. 

Regardless, IDW chugs along as if there were no flaws whatsoever. These stories have been giving us very quality Sonic content in the past few years, especially well after the first Sonic movie came out and SEGA is the most generous video game company in the world.

After this, I can hardly, hardly wait to see what is in store for us fans.

-James M

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  1. I have IDW Sonic #51, but never saw the contents to the recent IDW Sonic #52. At least it takes place events post IDW Sonic #50.


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