Whereas our staycation goes wonky!

Our staycation turned into a topsy turvy week: Our 30 year old air conditioning finally decided to break beyond John's capability to fix it, so had it fixed to work temporarily and getting estimates to replace. Meanwhile it's been too hot to cook so choose Cattleman's for our anniversary and Cheesecake factory for John's bday. College course for James was a bust due to difficulty so dropped it and need to enroll him in something else. We did get him a new mattress set which will only take a couple weeks to be delivered. Yeah. Went to Naturwood shopping for leather couch and fell in love with a couple but they are too huge for our living room. Poo! Any changes such as different color or configuration will take 19 weeks to get done. Going to another store tomorrow to see what they have.

Did get a chance to go to Barnes and Noble and picked up a few books: Pierce Brown's Red Rising, Mark Pryor's Book Artist, Susan Mallery's Boardwalk Bookshop, and Alice Henderson's A Blizzard of Polar Bears.

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