James M's review of IDW Sonic the Hedgehog issue 48


After weeks of waiting, the 48th issue of IDW Sonic the Hedgehog is here and it is another good spectacle of a read, all thanks to Evan Stanley's team and the invaluable assistance of SEGA & Sonic Team. 

This one is quite interesting to see, especially since its a Chaotix story that sees Vector, Espio and Charmy briefly investigate the disturbance in Central City caused by Surge and Kit before taking care of another case involving none other than Clutch the Possum from the Chao Race arc and the good old Skunk bros of Rough & Tumble.

Yup, the Chaotix finally deal with the infamous Clutch the Possum, this guy sure has become a mainstay. Many IDW Sonic characters are becoming famous, veerrrrry famous. 

Evan once again writes a fun and engaging story and does a fine job making it light-hearted, showing that Modern Sonic can handle light-hearted stories alongside deep, heavy, serious and mature stories and that we don't need Classic Sonic to tell light-hearted stories. 

Yes, that is right, I once again reject the Classic-Modern split.

The art is so colorful and full of passion and the writing is just spot-on, making fans love IDW Sonic even more. We should have more stories featuring the Chaotix, especially with their fun personalities and Charmy's energy. 

I give this tale a 9.5/10, really looking forward to the next issue as we inch closer to a big event occurring in IDW Sonic issue 50. See ya later...

-James M

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  1. I even noticed a Waldo Mobian cameo like he has appeared in the fan made Archie Sonic Online comics.


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