James M's review of Ghostbusters Answer The Call (2016)


Salutations, we have returned... to the Ghostbusters universe. But this time, we're reviewing something nobody ever expected. That's right, we're looking at the all-female 2016 reboot: GHOSTBUSTERS aka Ghostbusters Answer The Call.

My parents and I saw this a couple years ago and I saw it again prior to us seeing the Ghostbusters Afterlife movie. After seeing this twice in a row and despite what the critics have said about the movie, Ghostbusters (2016) isn't really a bad movie. Now, now, please do not pull out the pitchforks, torches and start attacking me, I'm not trying to defend this film nor am I bashing anybody who hates it.

As anybody who does research knows, this movie came about when the people behind the first two Ghostbusters movies couldn't get a third film off the ground. So at one point, they decided to do a reboot and cast females as the lead protagonists of the movie. It came out to mixed reviews and backlash and was a complete flop at the box office, but this film has its fans, fans like me and my parents if you can look past the flaws that is.

So, what is the story of the reboot about?

Well, the story is just like the original movie, a group of people investigate a haunting and meet a ghost. They start a ghost-busting company and go after ghosts, the public doubts them and then a supernatural threat to the world arrives. However, there is no Gozer to worry about and the entire group consists of females. The original cast makes cameos as new characters and Sigourney Weaver appears as Rebecca Gorin, the mentor of Erin, near the end of the movie after the final battle has happened.

Keeping my thoughts short and sweet, ignoring the flaws that upset the viewers, this is actually a decent movie IMO. The special effects were incredible, the soundtrack sounded swell and the acting was nice. As for the writing, it wasn't too terrible. The crew did their best and it showed, too bad this movie wasn't a big hit. But in the end, this did help Ghostbusters III eventually happen, so bonus points for this reboot happening and paving the way for the third movie with its failure. Without it, we wouldn't have gotten Afterlife, thank you Ghostbusters 2016.

I give this movie a 8.5 out of 10, sorry I didn't have much thoughts on it, but its been quite a while since I last watched this movie. Now, I bid you goodbye for now.

-James M

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