BW10: Golden age mysteries


It's book week 10 in our 52 Books Quest and this week we are continuing with our Golden Age mystery writers. This month's Crime Spree Bookology choice is Josephine Tey.    Tey is the creator of Inspector Alan Grant series and also wrote plays under the pseudonym of Gordon Daviot.  I've had The Daughter of Time sitting in my stacks for quite a while and look forward to reading it now.

But right now, I'm currently reading Super Powereds Year Four by Drew Hayes and it will take me a while at 1000 + pages. 

"The final year at Lander has finally arrived for the Melbrook students and their peers, and with it comes a whole new set of challenges. Still reeling from the events of their junior year, the remaining students will have to push past their pain - and so much more - if they hope to be one of the ten to claim the title of Hero upon graduation.

Constant tests and trials await the senior students. Beyond simulated missions and classes, they'll also have to buckle down to learn about agents, prospective teams, internships, and other seemingly endless elements of being a Hero.

For some, however, the classroom is only one aspect of the trouble that lies ahead. Long-buried secrets have been unearthed; old mysteries are finally unraveling; and what lies at the center of it all has the potential to rock the realm of Heroes to its very foundation."


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