ABC Stories: Decisions, Decisions!


Decisions, decisions!  Emily, a slight woman at 5 foot 2, swept the kitchen while she thought about her next steps. Forward or backward, either way would be momentous, out of her normal reality.  Given that she didn't want to change anything, she fretted and fumed, mad at the world at large. How was the responsibility hers? Instead of her sisters, even her brother.  Just the other day, Emily had told her mother to butt out, to leave her alone, and that it wasn't any of her business.   

Knocking the dust pan on top of the waste can, she wondered if she was doing the right thing. Little did Emily realize that her day was about to get worse. 

Moving on to the living room to vacuum, she discovered all her books had decided to rearrange themselves. Not again.  Ophelia mentioned yesterday a strange memo had been left on top of her desk. "Prepare to heed the word of the Iam a Lama Ding tree." along with a riddle.   Quite the conundrum and they'd talked long into the night.  Riddles! Something Emily also despised.  They took up way too much of her time, but that's how the damned books communicated.  Underneath her desk she found a piece of paper. Viewing it, she saw three sentences.  

"Well, that's dramatic," she said as she read, "Thanks a lot and suitcase in hand you head to the station." 

X's and O's lined the bottom of the sheet, symbols for hugs and kisses. 

Yet another mystery trip and she wondered why she bothered coming home.

Zapping the lights off, she zipped out the door, suitcase in hand, having  no idea what had been packed, climbed into the car and drove until she found the train station where she found a ticket waiting, no destination indicated which meant they were sending her on a wild goose chase. 

I changed the rules this time and made it into a flash fiction story rather than continue through back to D.  

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