Guest Post -James M's review of Archie Sonic Online Issue 251


Almost over a year and a half after Archie Sonic Online's last upload, Archie Sonic Online returns with the 251st issue of Archie Sonic and something massive: The long-awaited return of Hershey the Cat. Plus, the endgame of the King Naugus arc has descended and Naugus has gone crazy.

I just read the issue and this was insanely good, the fans put a lot of energy into this and there was so much passion. I'm very impressed with my fellow fans, Archie Sonic Online is a fan project worth reading and its doing a fine job showing us a glimpse of what could've been with the real Archie Sonic. It goes to show that the fans are just as good as the companies that produce games and comics.

While Archie Sonic may be gone, its legacy is never forgotten. The fans will do everything they can to honor long forgotten stories and projects, no matter what happens, as long as they don't come under fire from anybody like SEGA. I once again salute Archie Sonic Online and we wait patiently for the release of the long-awaited Sonic Underground epilogue with Sonic Underground Online Issue 50.

Peace out!

-James M

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