Bookish Notes -- Too many books in your TBR stacks


Yeah, a smoke free day today. The past couple days have been horrible and I feel really bad for the people who are directly in the path of the fires.  

I finished a couple books this week:

A Borrowing of Bones (#1 Mercy and Elvis Mysteries) by Paula Munier was very good and had a combination of factors that meshed with a lot of the mini challenges I've been doing and current events. And it all takes place over the long fourth of july weekend. The character an ex soldier who served in Afghanistan, working with a service dog which belonged to her late fiancée also a soldier. Mentions of the muses, art history and artists,  an abandoned baby, lots of kittens who need to be rescued, a mystery of buried bones, along with an arrogant investigator who doesn't appreciate Mercy's or Elvis's help. It was a very busy weekend. 😃

Also read a kindle unlimited story - Cloudy with a chance of Witchcraft by Mandy Roth about a witch who didn't know she was a witch and managed to ignore the fact that one of her best friends who talked to trees and animals and foretell the future, thinking she was just 'special', falls out of love with her cheating husband and moves back to her home town to live in a home she inherited from her grandma. And the house is hexed, but also haunted by her grandparents so.... I could go on. It's an amusing story and although the 40 year old characters may act more like their 20, I enjoyed it and now reading the 2nd book in the Grimm Cove Series - Hexing with a chance of Tornados


Just read Tor's post about Maybe You Can Have Too Many Books in Your TBR Pile by Molly Templeton. Great article but the ending question for some reason gives me a sense of anxiety.

"But the part of my brain that loves completing tasks and shelving books I’ve just read sometimes stares at the unread-books wall and wonders: What would it be like to catch up? To read them all? To clear the slate?"

I think I like the fact that there's always another story waiting in the wings that will suit my mood or entice me to read something different. There's always a reason why I add a book to my stacks, some for pure joy, others for enlightenment, education. But just like when I'm reading and get an epiphany, but forget to highlight or write that information down, later when I peruse the stack and see that book, the reason escapes me and makes me wonder what the heck was I thinking. 😃

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