BW25: Sunday's Book Babble - Summertime

 It's week 25 in our 52 Books Quest and Summer is officially here. Happy Father's day to all our dads! It's officially Summer in our neck of the woods and we are a hot 105 degrees at the moment.  Thank goodness for air conditioning!

We are free at last, at last, and can ditch our masks if we choose. I felt slightly naked as I went grocery shopping Saturday as if I were forgetting something. Little did I realize the mask had also been effective at masking odors as well. Perfume, chicken cooking in the deli, something slightly burnt at the hot wok, disinfectant. Hmm? Although it’s nice to see all the smiles as well as grumpy faces, I still felt the need to check my pocket for my mask. It’s become a security blanket. I may need it a bit longer. 

Melvin is a bit thinner but feisty as ever, and it's been a battle of wits deciding who is going to give first every time I drop a pill down his throat.  I really need to trim his nails. Ouch. He faked me out this morning and spit the pill out after about five minutes. Little devil!  Our vet finally saved the day and my hands and I picked up compounded medication today.  As long as he's eating and feisty and not in pain, we'll keep plugging away until he tells us when.

It's crazy hot out so we are curled up cozy and cool with hubby reading Unsettled about climate science, kiddo is reading Ghostbusters, and I’m reading Devon Monk’s Wayward Souls (#1 Souls of the Road) about a couple, one slightly more than human, the other a spirit, stuck on route 66 searching for a magical journal. I’m hoping Monk will write a sequel at some point because I really like these characters. 

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