Bookish Notes - Karen Marie Moning's Kingdom of Shadow and Light


I'm currently reading Karen Marie Moning's 11th and final book in her Fever series - Kingdom of Shadow and Light. Completed my speed read and now going back to savor and absorb.  The final book is all the more poignant because Moning reveals she had been battling a chronic illness which left her unable to write for a couple years which is why it took so long for this book to come out. 

"From the moment MacKayla Lane arrived in Dublin to hunt her sister’s murderer, she’s had to fight one dangerous battle after the next: to survive, to secure power, to keep her city safe, to protect the people she loves.

The matter of who’s good and who’s evil can be decided by the answer to a single question: Whose side are you on?

Now, as High Queen of the Fae, Mac faces her greatest challenge yet: ruling the very race she was born to hunt and kill - a race that wants her dead yesterday, so they can put a pure-blooded Fae queen on the throne."

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