Bookish Notes: My Christmas Number One by Leonie Mack


I was in the mood for a cozy romance and what I got instead was a poignant story about two characters, singers from different cultures, both affected by long term grief, brought together to create a Christmas song.  Cara, who was injured in the car accident where her mother and sister died years ago at Christmas time, struggles with anxiety and self consciousness about her scars and prosthetic foot.  Javi, who has a playboy reputation, a failed marriage, a daughter who doesn't like him, and is still holding on to the grief when his brother died around Christmas time. 

The two are brought together, the English Songwriter and the Latin playboy, when Cara's record label contract requires her to record a single written by another artist on the label.  Cara expects it to be quick.  She'll record the song, go back home and the song will die from obscurity and she can go back to ignoring Christmas and dealing with her life the best she knows how.  Little do the characters realize what the power of the song will accomplish and both their lives are changed forever. My Christmas Number One is a wonderful story of two characters working through grief and other issues without being overly sappy and I highly recommend it. 

(Ebook category: be still my heart  Setting: London/South America   New to me author)

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  1. This sounds really good, Robin. I also would have assumed it to be a light, cozy romance. It sounds like it has well-drawn characters.


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