A to Z Poetry: Experimenting with Homonyms - Knight of Night


Knight of Night

When the Knight of night,
 decided to reign, 
who would believe it'd
affect him so and change the effect 
of the rain?

He was awed even though she was odd,
and allowed him to speak aloud.
When the scent of the horse
made his voice hoarse,
the boy was rather coarse 
while he showed her the course.

He didn't like being told to 
fold his cards or fold his clothes.
He preferred to bail out the boat 
rather than to bail out his brother. 
Who was she to wave away the waves?
Who was she to meddle with the medal?

She preferred to ignore all common sense
and count out her cents
while in the inn, 
jammed in the door jamb. 
When he asked for cash and 
she handed him her cache 
of keys, he couldn’t decide 
if he was right to write 
the tail of the tale.

When the knight came in the night 
to pick up the lone male 
 to discover it was only mail.

It told him of the hymn of
the son who walked into the sun.
to find the gift to gift the one, 
the rock that would rock his world.

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