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Welcome back IDW Sonic fans, its time for a double review.
During mah review of IDW Sonic as a whole during year 2, I kinda skipped over the 2019 Annual. Now, with 2020 out, Ima gonna actually review BOTH!

Lets do it to it, starting with Annual 2019, ok?
Do not fear, I will cover Annual 2020 after that.

So, what are the IDW Sonic Annuals about? Well, for starters, they're a collection of stories that are ALL canon to the IDW Sonic comic universe and a lot of talent from the writers and artists is put to work, they all pour their heart and soul into making these stories.

Without delay, let's start with...

Bond of Friendship:
This one set up the events of the Tangle and Whisper miniseries as somewhat of a pilot episode, pilot episodes are episodes that set up a series by introducing the characters. However, this is a comic we're talking about. The story involves Whisper visiting Tangle in her hometown and the two of them teaming up to deal with the Babylon Rogues (from Sonic Riders). Good story, really good! Thats all I will say about that, next up is...

Jet Set Tornado (sigh really):
First off, the title is a reference to Jet Set Radio (a SEGA game series not associated with Sonic). Second, it's about good old Sonic and Tails doing their usual thing. The story involves them in a battle with one of Eggman's robots in the sky while on a mission to get some supplies to the Resistance. What do I think of it? Its fun, Sonic's all cool and Tails is sweet as always. 8/10, people just love the brotherly bond between these guys, don't they. I like it, I think Tails' is Sonic's adopted brother.

Victory Garden:
This one is technically a Silvaze story as far as most fans are concerned given that the Silver and Blaze pairing is very popular in the Sonic fanbase alongside SonAmy. The story's simple and straightforward, Silver's trying to grow a garden in the ruins of a battlefield, Blaze comes along and helps him, Silver grows his garden and thats it. Friends sure are important, they can help you in the toughest of times and in dear Silver's case, having Blaze help him is very nice! I like this story, this one made me more interested in Silver x Blaze and I give this a 10.5.

There are two more stories, but I've delayed the inevitable long enough!
Note: These stories I'm about to mention actually happen in the Zombot arc.

First up, we have Big's Big Adventure. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! Sonic Adventure reference. Anyways, this is a story about Big and it turns out he was there for certain events that unfolded over the course of the comic up to this point. He was present off panel in the first few issues in year one and was chasing his pal Froggy (again). Also, Big was there for a bit at the Restoration HQ during the events of Issue 22 RIGHT before the big Zombot outbreak.
So how did Big become a Zombot?
Its simple, his pal Froggy touched a Zombot and eventually converted, also causing Big to become infected with the Metal Virus in the process without him even realizing it.

Next up is, well, a story about radio shows and it happens right around the same time as the events of Issue 19 are starting up with the Eggman Metal Virus attack on the city. Nite the Owl and Don the Rooster, new characters and the show hosts of K-TBR 199.2, a radio show, and yes the cover the beginning of the Zombot attack. The story also ends with a zombot approaching the station!
After this one, we get to... Reflections, its a Metal Sonic story where he studies the Metal Virus and, of course, the Metal Virus has no effect on him. Moving on.

Our fourth story is Eggman's Day Off, short story short, Starline finds Eggman in his EggCave where the doctor often plays with his toys whenever he, well, has a day off. Well, the doc's gotta have a hobby other than trying to take over the world all the time, am I right? Everybody needs time off to themselves and a time to play, who likes all work and no play after all...?
The fifth story, Flock Together, shows Vector and Espio capturing Zombot Charmy, which sets up what happens in issue 22 with Charmy. Finally, we get to The Catalyst, where we learn about how Tangle's buddy Jewel got infected with the Zombot Virus.

My thoughts on these stories.
They're nicely written and I like the art, enough said.

Time to chill now, see ya next time, folks!
-James M


  1. Just got my Sonic 2020 annual recently - Great stories! Including how Jewel got affected by the METAL VIRUS!


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