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Sonic the Hedgehog #29 | IDW Publishing

Hi fellow Sonic fans, we're back to review issue 29 of IDW Sonic.
Ok, before I get ahead of myself. Let's review this comic, starting with synopsis time.

The issue picks up right where we left off with our heroes facing the Zombots and the giant Zavok on Angel Island. It's too late to turn back now, light is fading from Sonic's world and the final battle has begun. Is there any hope left? Can the heroes succeed and win the day?

You'll find out in just a bit.
Right now, IT'S SHOWTIME!

Sonic and his friends attack the Zombots and, guess what, Knuckles gets infected when he attacks Zombot Shadow. Yeesh, Knuckles is just as arrogant as Shadow is in this continuity. Meanwhile, with help from Metal Sonic and Silver, Sonic goes straight for the last Chaos Emerald embedded in Giant Zavok's chest. However, the first two attempts don't exactly work out as Sonic ends up falling.

On the island, there doesn't seem to be much hope left. Eggman pushes Amy into a Zombot Big as he tries to make a run for it only for a Zombot Froggy to trip him and then jump on him. Knuckles keeps fighting Shadow until he becomes a zombot himself, Tails tries to get away from Zombot Cheese and Zombot Chocola only to get infected and ends up cowering in fear al'a Sonic Forces.

With everything on the line and the fate of the world really at stake here, Sonic and Silver make one more dash to the Chaos Emerald and, despite Zavok's efforts, Sonic gets the emerald and he transforms into Super Sonic, ridding himself of the Metal Virus at last, and Silver goes super too, for the first time since the events of Sonic 06.

Where does this lead to? Does this lead to an epic battle of epic proportions, no holds barred, Super Sonic and Super Silver vs Zavok? Weeeellll, we don't get a super big battle as Zavok is defeated in about a couple seconds and one panel flat. Yep, Super Sonic made Zavok look like a joke.

Afterwards, the two super hedgehogs take the Warp Topaz and using that along with their combined super powers, they all start draining the Metal Virus out of the world and into the Warp Topaz before sending the metal goo into the sun and, just like that, the Metal Virus is no more.
On the Floating Island, as everything returns to normal, there is rejoicing and happy reunions all around. However, in the case of Shadow and Knuckles, they are confused and get more confused when they see Rouge with the Master Emerald.

But what happens to the Warp Topaz?
As Sonic and Silver work to get rid of the Metal Virus, the device becomes more unstable and the heroes have to get rid of it. And get rid of it they do*, but at a cost. Sonic vanishes! Yep, he vanishes and we end the story with Silver crashing on the island and the victorious heroes looking up at a green portal-y light in the sky above!

*Update: It turns out that the Warp Topaz wasn't destroyed yet. Ian Flynn and the crew were going to destroy it but, at the last minute, SEGA asked them to keep the Warp Topaz intact. Looks like it might return in the future, hopefully, SEGA will eventually let the Warp Topaz be destroyed. You gotta hate the mandates even though they aren't interfering alot.

Wow, that finale! That was epic. IDW Sonic sure is cool and I'm glad we're free of the Metal Virus nightmare, who wants to see that go on for a lot longer. After all, this is SEGA's book and they're probably uncomfortable seeing their IPS get turned into zombie robots. Sonic came real close to becoming a Zombot so thank god he had super speed.
With the arc over, its time to breathe and enjoy simpler stories. I give this issue a 10/10.
Later folks!

-James M

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  1. But how will Sonic reappear in at least IDW Sonic #30 or later? Nice review.


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