Guest Post -James M's review of Archie Sonic Universe Online issue 51

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Another Archie Sonic Online issue has been released and its Sonic Universe Online issue 51, Rabbot Rebound, starring Bunnie Rabbot as she joins the Dark Legion out of desperation. Why hasn't issue 50 come out, don't worry, it will soon.

Having read this issue, it was something, I actually like it. I know that joining the bad guys is a bad thing, but it makes a compelling story if done right. Look at Bunnie for instance, she's had it rough, first she loses her cyborg limbs and then her husband Antoine falls into a coma. Combine that with Ixis Naugus becoming king and Sally getting roboticized, well, this is where she is now.

Am I interested in this arc? Yes.
Is it weird 51 comes before 50? Maybe.

Its nothing to worry about, Sonic comics are awesome regardless of who is making them, I've read so many of them since 2010-2011 and nothing is gonna stop me from reading them.
With the comic industry closed down temporarily due to the coronavirus, Sonic fan comics are how we're gonna get our dosage of Sonic comic awesomeness. We can chat with Ian Flynn and other Sonic comic creatives who work(ed) at Archie, Fleetway or IDW you know.

My score for this issue.
9/10, pretty good, interested to see where this goes soon.

See you later.
I know this review was short, but I like to make things short sometimes...

-James M aka CrazyGamerHistorian1999

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  1. Nice review. I even heard Diamond will resume comic distribution in mid to late May and maybe after that IDW will catch up on its Sonic comic book issue releases.

    I know the Sonic Universe Online 50 issue with the Sonic Underground finale is yet to show up.


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