Guest Post -James M's review of IDW Sonic issue 26

What's up people! I'm back and reviewing IDW Sonic issue 25.
Before we begin, I'd like to address something that I skipped over in my summary of issue 25 when I reviewed it last time.

Right before Eggman fired Dr Starline, Starline warned him and the heroes (as well as the reader) the dangers of utilizing the Warp Topaz with Super Sonic, saying that it could warp time and space and break the planet. Not too long after the issue came out, people were discussing it and a handful took Starline's warning seriously to a point where they thought that a reboot was coming. It got a bit out of hand that Ian Flynn took to Twitter to address the situation. What did Ian Flynn say?

To paraphrase it, he said, "We're not rebooting the comic, that was never on the table. The Genesis Wave was never planned out and had to be because of legal problems that don't apply here."

Despite Ian assurances there will not be a reboot, some (like Megabeatman) are "mentally" preparing for the possibility of an IDW Sonic reboot. There's nothing to worry about now!

Anyways, lets get on with the summary of the issue.

The issue opens up on Knuckles' home island in the sky,  the last safe haven for those who narrowly fled the Metal Virus nightmare, where the heroes (and Eggman) have gathered to try and end the Zombot apocalypse and save the world.

With help from Eggman, the heroes have just managed to use the Warp Topaz to make a portal generator that can make multiple portals which our heroes will use to attack the Zeti, now the big bads of the Metal Virus Saga.

Sonic, acting as team coordinator, assigns Tails and Amy to attack Zomom, Espio to attack Zazz, the Babylon Rogues (Jet, Wave & Storm) to attack Zik, Gemerl (and Cream) to attack Zeena and Silver is to attack Zor while Rouge (and Eggman's lackeys Orbot & Cubot) deal with Zavok on the faceship. As the group gets ready for the impossible mission, Sonic has a talk with Eggman, who taunts him by saying that the hedgehog ACTUALLY helped spread the Metal Virus when Sonic criticizes Metal Sonic for going back to Mr. Tinker, allowing him to become Eggman again.

On the Faceship, after sending Zavok away under the pretense that somebody's messing with the Metal Virus chamber (in order to distract him), Orbot and Cubot meet up with Rouge to discuss the next phase of their plan. Yeah, in case you don't know, Rouge sneaked onto the Faceship to try and somehow or another put an end to the Zombot crisis not to long ago.

Back with our heroes, their mission begins and the teams go through the portals to where the rest of the Deadly Six are located. Afterwards things go south...

On Gemerl and Cream's front, Gemerl tried to stop Cream from coming with him but she went through the portal anyway and confronted Zeena, who took control of Gemerl and had him attack her. On Tails and Amy's front, they confronted Zomom who goes into berserk mode. "YOU RUINED MY POST-LUNCH PRE-DINNER SNACK!" He shouts as he was in the midst of eating as usual when Tails and Amy showed up. On Espio's front, his attempt to steal a Chaos Emerald from Zazz ended badly when Zazz caught him and had Zombots encircle him.

As for Silver and Zor, their fight has begun. But with the Babylon Rouges, things are getting worse as Zik took over their Extreme Gear and the trio of birds are encircled by robo-zombies as the issue comes to an end. Wow, what a dark cliffhanger.

Final Thoughts:

Well, that entertaining at best. We've entered the final act of this nightmare of a story arc and so far, the heroes sure are struggling. At least things are about to turn around. After this arc's over, what's next? We know there will be more adventures and we'll be in for some big surprises down the road be it this year or next year. Maybe the Freedom Fighters will show up?

Also, what do the IDW Sonic creatives have in store for Sonic's upcoming 30th anniversary?

The art is amazing and the dialogue is fun, love the character moments in this issue.

Final score is a 9/10.

How will the heroes gain the upper hand against the Deadly Six?
We'll find out in the next issue or two.
I have a bad feeling Espio, Cream and the Babylon Rogues are about to get turned into robo-zombies. As for Sonic, he's bound to enter the picture and go super soon.
This should be interesting when we reach the big finale of this huge arse arc...

See you all next time people.

If there's anything I missed in this review be sure to tell me in the comments below.

Peace out!

-James M


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